Car music play list


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I like so many things but a few stand out to me.

Panama by Van Halen.
Hotel California by Eagles.
I can't drive 55, Sammy Hagar
Born to be wild by Steppenwolf
Life is a highway, Tom Cochrane
one head light, wall flowers
Odie but goodie
Hot Rod Lincoln , George Frayne

I will think of more :)

Mineral Grey

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This is some of mine that I like to crank :
Motley Crue- wild side, shout at the devil, wild side, Dr feel good..
Poison - nothing but a good time, talk dirty to me
Ozzy- crazy train , over the mountain
Back Sabbath - paranoid
Autograph - turn up the radio
GNR- welcome to the jungle
Kiss- Detroit rock city, I love it loud
Sweet- fox on the run
Billy squire - lonely is the night
Rolling Stones - sympathy for the devil, paint it black
Rob zombie- dragula
Kid rock- cocky
Elton john- the bitch is back


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I'll limit mine to ten artists.

High On Fire - Rumours of War, Hung, Drawn & Quartered (live)
Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog
TOOL - Pushit, Stinkfist, Pneuma, anything really
Hellhammer - Eurynomos
Celtic Frost - anything off Morbid Tales
Led Zeppelin - Rock & Roll
Tragically Hip - Springtime in Vienna (live), My Music @ Work
Guns & Roses - Paradise City, Estranged ( live or studio for both )
Ramones - We're a Happy Family, I Wanna Be Sedated
Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart

ok, bonus round....

Sleep - Dopesmoker ( 60 minute song for long drives.....yes, 60 minutes for one song.)


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Dire Straits- Money for Nothing
Boston- More than a feeling
AC/DC - Play Ball
Ace Freeley-New York Groove
Lynard Skynyard - Simple Man
Queen - Fat Bottkmed Girls
RH Chili Peppers- Under the Bridge
Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Alice Cooper - Poison
ZZ Top - La Grange


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Wow some crazy list I would have never guessed some of these knowing most of you guys. Lol.

I don't have a top 10 or anything like that. Really depends on my mood.

Can go from top 40 country, some base tunes, to old rock. I learned to love all types of music having been a mobil DJ for plenty of years starting at 14.


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I have a nick nae for country music " coma music"
listen to it long enough will put you in a coma.

Country today, new stuff is borderline pop.
I like some of the old stuff :)
go figure.


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I have Sirius Satellite Radio in my BULLITT and mostly listen to Classic Rock from the 60’s to the 80’s, as well as Country from the 80’s and 90’s as well as some Blues.
I had Sirius for a long time but found it was getting too expensive with way too much talking and ads creeping onto what was supposedly a paid all music platform.

Finding Spotify is more flexible with the ability to find or create playlists that is mobile form vehicle tj vehicle to portable speaker.

Still love it when the exhaust drowns out the radio tho!

Mineral Grey

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I am all over the place for music, and choose different playlists for what I'm doing , long drives are easy listening - Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac , rolling stones, Billy Joel, Queen. Etc. I also have my country drinking playlist when I'm camping and In Front of a fire with my Pal Jack Daniels ..
Spotify is my go to. You make it what you want , it's been the best music app for me , and streams through all my home, auto and to go devices..


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I was debating as to whether or not I would be renewing the Satellite Radio this summer or not. I have been Lucky, been paying $47 plus Tax for the 6 months between May and October. I was given that Special Price 9 years ago, then in the Spring when it automatically renews on my Credit Card at the Regular Price of $100 plus Tax, I call them and tell them to give me that same Price as last Season, or Cancel the Service. They haven's cancelled me yet.



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I need to add more and create specific lists.
Just a suggestion, a Canadian Band Only Car Play List thread comes to mind...

Tragically Hip - Lionized (live), Eldorado (live)
Headstones - Cemetery, Unsound
Big Sugar - Ride Like Hell
Sons Of Otis - Far From Fine, I'm Gone
Rush - Working Man
Voivod - Ripping Headaches, FOAD
54-40 - She-La, Baby Ran
B.T.O. - Gimme Your Money Please, Giving It All Away
Dead South - Banjo Odyssey, Boots
Honeymoon Suite - Bad Attitude, New Girl Now


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Rush - tom Sawyer
The Guess who, - American women
Steppenwolf - Born to be wild
the Hip - Blow at high dough
New Orleans is sinking
Nautical disaster
BTO - Takin care of business
Hey you
Bryan Adams _ Summer of 69
April wine - Bad she of the moon
Triumph - lay it on the line
Just a game
jeff healy - my guitar gently weeps
Our lady peace - superman dead
somewhere out there
Tea party - Heaven coming down
the Trews - Not ready to go
poor ol broken hearted me

Wow some many great artists
I will do another list, I can think of a bunch more
Canadian artists,

maybe best of all time, based on what you like,
that would be tough .