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I've got a Covercraft Noah cover. All season, indoor outdoor cover. Was pricy but great quality. Fleece lined, so offers some ding resistance. Went this direction, since car is stored offsite and wanted good protection.IMG_8531.jpg
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I'm using the factory offered cover, not sure who made it..... for the $500+ it cost to tick it off on the option sheet, I'm a little disappointed in the quality. Obviously paying for the name on it and the stripes, but wtf, it was ordered with the car and for the car. Its thin, but it's used exclusively inside my garage only, nothing outdoors, so it does the job and fits pretty snug.

I had the Ford Covercraft for my '06, that one was awesome, MUSTANG on the back, pony on the front, heavy duty material and nice fit. It was garage only.



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I have the same as SVT4MT it serves the purpose and I only sotre indoors so no issues.
CLimate controlled as well so I decide how warm or cool it is.
I agree little cheaper than I would like, but I really like the fit it even covers spoiler
and complete care well, looks cool too for whatever points that gets you lol.


Covercraft Evolution Block it for both cars.
It’s not necessarily their best at everything.
I think they make another one that is rated better for UV protection but is thinner, and one that is mostly fleece for optimal treatment of paint but is only indoor rated and not as good for UV protection.
Different materials and build for different purposes.

This one is the thickest with a fleece inner to protect against minor dings like broom handle or if cat jumps up on car.

Fits very well on both cars.
Only use indoors for winter storage.

Mustang tri-bar logo on front of 2006 and 50 year anniversary logo on front of 2015.



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