99-04 ride height


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Hey guys,
I recently installed maximum motorsports rear lower control arms. I forgot to measure the rear before changing them out. When I am looking at the car it appears to be sitting higher then it was which could be the case of the different lower control arms.

I was wondering if anyone that has a new edge and has access to it could take a quick measurement for me. Lowered or not I don't care I just need to confirm something. If anyone has access to their car. Just let me know if it is stock or lowered. If you guys could take the measurement from the center of the wheel center cap to the edge of the fender lip that would be awesome.

I googled but the internet is all over the map. Lol

Gerry helped me out with a few tweeks to try, however I just want to confirm I am good to go.
No takers Charlie?
My cousin has a stock 04 40th anniversary coupe GT in his stable.
Worse case, I will be able to give you that in the spring.
Or, we have an 04 V6 convertible in the showroom.
I could measure that next week for you.
Hey Marc.

Nah everybody's cars are stored I guess. Lol. Sure the v6 would definitely give me some re assurance but if you don't have time no big deal. Thanks for the offer. If not, I I will wait until the spring and take it out for some drives and see what I got. Lol.