65-68 Mustang fastback, but want it completely rotted out!

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So, some of you may be familiar with my project 83 mustang; Cheap Thrills. I've reached a crossroads with it (can be running soon) and I find myself wanting to change directions.

So, ambitious project time: I want to find a rotted out 65-67 Mustang fastback/2+2, strip the fox body work off my 83 and graft the 65-67 body on to it.

It's not a small project, but it's not the first time it's been done either. Google "SN65" if you want to see the most known one.

What I need is some old rust-bucket not worth saving. Something that is so rotted out it makes you want to think about getting a tetanus shot just from being in the same postal code. I don't want something "save-able" as a 65-67 Mustang i don't want to cut up a decent or half decent 65-67.

It doesn't need floors, drivetrain, interior, frame, axles, suspension, steering, electrical, etc. It just needs a body, could even be riddled with rust, I can repair that. Heck, it can be missing lots body and trim parts as these Mustangs have every piece re-popped these day. But the more trim, lights. glass and body parts still there, so much the better. It can be buried half way up the doors in mud from sitting for 30 years, I can even work with that. About the only thing that would turn me off is if the car is literally bent in half from slamming into a pole or torn right to rat poop in an accident or something.

I actually had a line on a couple 60's cougars (what I was originally going to use for the body swap), but one guy decided he didn't want to sell and the other, well, lets just say cougars and excavators don't mix....

So if you have an old parts mule, one rusting int eh back feild or know of one rotting away in teh woods somewhere, let me know and I'll see what I can do to bring it back to life and have some fun building it at the same time.

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Here's an idea of how rotted it can be (maybe even worse!). As an incentive, anyone who finds one of these rusted "gems" for cheap (or better yet, "just get it off my land" prices) can take the car for a drive once I get it finished....in 10 years! LOL!


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A 65 Fastback on top of Fox Body frame and Mechanicals will be the best of both worlds. Good luck with the Hunt, I'll keep an eye out around here.

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65/66 lead didn't pan out. Was long gone.

But, have a new lead on a ripe 69 sportsroof.

I've mentioned before that 69 is my favorite body style, 69 Mach 1 being my all time favorite.

The 69 and is a workable wheelbase and track width to swap on my fox chassis too.

Going to try and track down an owner this weekend.

Only problem is money is a little tight right now since the deal on the house we moved out of fell through. Fingers crossed we get an offer then I'm footloose and fancy free!

Also, going to sell off the Argo 8×8. Anyone interested in the ultimate hunting rig?


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Well that lead fell through.

Looking like this is not going to happen.i can get a 69 if I spend 5-10 grand and then ship it in on top of that.

Or I could just finish the 83 the way I had planned.

Maybe even make it a Fox "Mock 1"......lol!
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Cool Idea, but with all the work you did do make what you were doing work.
be cool to see that finished and see what results turned out like.
Upside to finishing this, would driving it sooner.

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So, pretty sure this idea is at an end for me. Prices are just too high on anything I could use. I'd have to pay too much for a barely usable shell, pay ridiculous shipping costs just to get it here, and then cut it up after all that expense. If I was going to spend that much, I'd more than likely do a rebuild of a 69 instead of a hybrid and pay more up front for a close to complete car.

But, I do feel for another project with the 83 coming to a close in the next year or two.

I've always thought the Mustang II was under-rated and unappreciated. Not only that, I've always liked the little Pinto derivative. Came close to actually buying one several times over the years.

Maybe I can find a reasonably savable condition Mustang II (around 500 bucks as tehy weren't very valuable to start with) and breath a little magic on it......:rolleyes:
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