2024 Mustang release Wednesday September 14th


Camaro is a disaster, yes lets steal some of there desings lol
I suspect the only folks who will like this are people
who are not car people, which means there goes our
history and enjoyments of runs, shows etc.

If you let latte , mocha, half non fat people who are pissed because someone gave them a plastic straw crowd
show up events with there nut bar out looks and views on everything in life driving a tesla with a mustang sticker on it
I am out, I will find a new hobby LOL. not sure what that would be in the 21st century

The last Mustang Ie Mach 1 or some version of GT I would buy and backwards from there.
but as said above sign of the times / future are here, not sure what my next daily's will be, but it won't be that :)

Yah, I hope I can get my hands on that Mach1 and that’ll be it foe me.
The last of that somewhat analog cars.


It's the new world, man. The cancel culture is changing everything. You used to go to the coffee shop and get a smooth mellow cup of coffee for a buck; now you go and get a cup of tar and pay $3.00. Same with beer; I've got nothing against the craft brewing scene, I think it's awesome. but I'm having a hard time drinking beer that tastes like grapefruit juice. What's wrong with Rickards Red, Keith's, Bud, Coors, Corona, Sleemans, Moosehead. Olands etc. Cars have changed too; technology doesn't make a good car; style, reliability and performance does. A lot of things are changing and in some cases, not for the better.

Hey don’t knock the craft beer.
Once you learn your way around those, it’s an exciting and tasty world out there.

I read a book on the topic last winter.
Learned a lot and now enjoying the education with every new libation.
Some only once.
Others you commit to a favorites list.
Not too many subjects can make me read a book.


If you like reds, you should try the Campfire Red from Off Grid Ales of NB.
With honorable mention to Piccaroon’s Irish Red from Fredericton.
Those are some fine red ales. 🍺