2023 World Jr's

I won't be watching.

Until Hockey Canada (and hockey culture in general) gets its act together and proves that it has rid itself of its past behavior, I won't have anything to do with that team. While I understand the sentiment not to hold current players responsible for the sins of the past, a message has to be sent by fans to the "establishment" that this will not be tolerated. How do you do that? Don't watch, and don't pay the $$ on tickets.

I just hope that lessons are learned and that the culture changes, but it doesn't change overnight and with a change of leadership. They are taking the right baby steps forward, but it takes time to rebuild trust.

It's really unfortunate that our region is hosting this tournament during this tumultuous time.
I have mixed feeling as the world Jr's are one of my favourites to watch
and like said above some of the best hockey we will
watch, these are the future stars on display for us.

That said to totally forgive this group might be a mistake as most have been apart of the elite group
for the last 3-4 years and more than likely involved in stuff that is not much better than
we have read about over the last year.

I know and have known more than a few players who have made it to elite levels
of Junior hockey along with several who have been drafted in the far past and recent past
some signed and had a cup of coffee in the NHL

Stories I have heard would shock many and some stuff as recent as last year, so yes it needs
to change, hiding this, covering up their behaviour because they may be in NHL some day is wrong on every level
Most of us likely know someone, average kid that did not get any breaks, because they were average.

I swore if they every came back to Halifax, I would have a package, I did not buy one and will not support
them with physical money, I will watch some games and I still support Canadian Hockey.
you can bet Hockey Canada is taking a hit this year as they had grown to big for Halifax,
but they are back due to this stuff. TSN had very few paid ads last night, I expect they are taking a big hit as well.

I hope the new Board of Hockey Canada cleans house of executives ( what they do will tell us whats next)
I also hope the these players pay the price for thier indiscretions, unlike the past.
Be interesting to watch, but I expect eventually names will be released maybe even some charged
the past might catch up to some that have not been named for this or past events.

Hopefully this happens faster than it has so we can see the future of this and other Hockey programs
grow and become what we all enjoy and respect when they represent us all over the world.
I’ll elaborate a bit.

When I say “Can’t blame current young players for mistakes of previous players”, I mean that the environments some of these kids, not all, grow up in fosters an attitude of entitlement from a young age.

Let’s be honest.
Some teachers go easy on them from middle school on, as soon as they hit AAA Pee Wee, Bantam or Midget.
Some get discrete but real favoritisme.

Some patents put them up on pedestals, brag them up and protect them until their heads can’t fit through doors.
Some get sent to prep school to play hockey where they ate the kings of the campus.
Fans cheer for them with their names on placards.
Boosters donate to clubs for special events, parties and favours.

Yet, they are still children who need proper guidance.
Sometimes that guidance is lacking in their environments.
That lack of guidance is not the youth’s responsibility but that of the adults around them.

And, in teenagers, 4years is a huge difference.
A 15 year old does not live in the world of a 19 year old.
That’s why I would not begrudge the current players for events of a few years back, because it was not their time.

I fault the adults in those kids’ environments more than the kids themselves, for creating and propagating that culture of entitlement around those kids.

I am very critical of Hockey Canada’s leadership of the time for having those secret funds to use as hush money.
Paying out that money was a way for those adults to protect that culture of entitlement that they helped create as much as it was to protect the reputation of certain players.

In fact, I suggest an argument could be made for the payout of that money to be an obstruction of justice.
By paying out that money, they influenced victims of crimes into not going to the authorities, hence interfering in the criminal justice system.

Those adults should be investigated as much as any player who caused harm to a victim.

I think having the 5 women and a former judge on the new Jockey Canada board will be a very good catalyst for change in that culture.
A big blow to the old boys club.

So I agree don’t buy support financially for now with ticket packages and all, to send message to Hockey Canada.
But will watch on TV.
Some playing now were still quite young when the events at play took place.
Hard to hold current players responsible for events years old.
Kids are innocent by nature at young age.
They learn from adults in their environment.
It’s not just a Hockey Canada and Junior team issue.
I can agree with a lot of that Marc.
Maybe we need to change elite hockey?
Not letting 15 year olds go live in other provinces without their own families.
Maybe not letting them skip school because of hockey, half these kids get high school education
because someone else does the work, ( I know this for fact)

At end of day, all these kids are brought up and supervised by adults,
Maybe the way this is done should change?
Walk into any rink in the country this weekend and watch 3-4 games
this translates to grass roots hockey, abuse of officials , racist remarks
I could make a very long list, this starts at Hockey Canada and goes through
provincial programs to local community hockey organizations where even there the
elite teams get first and house players suffer. This is not only a Hockey Canada problem.

its 2022, its time to change the rules from top to bottom, make rules with stiff
penalties for kids, parents, coaches and organizations and most of all if some is
suspected of a crime, to investigate ( not sweep under carpet) regardless of who it is,
if convicted, bans on top of what every the judge gives them should become the norm.

99% of the 550,000 kids play hockey will never play at the pro level,
This has to be about more than who makes it to our favorite past time,
Who makes it to the NHL and gets millions for doing that.
at end of day if we want them to lead by example, we have to Lead by example.
Yes, play as team, and better discipline.
They also took 5 minor penalties. ?‍♂️
Arguably their best player and scorer, Bedard, isn’t on the ice when they are on the PK.

The IIHF won’t bend to them.
They have to play within IIHF parameters.

Hopefully they turn it around tonight.
They can still make history and be first Canadian team to lose opening game and still win a medal.
All 6 times before Canada lost opening game of tournament, they did not medal.
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righted the ship, should win tonight, to me now its more about
how they win, how they play.

Been some great games and tons of upsets,
looks like lower countries are getting closer to the big boys
great to see.