2022 Nationals Annual Friday Night Cruise and Supper July 8th

Hey everyone,

just a heads up as most have you have probably heard there is an issue with rogers internet across the country. Many debit machines and credit card machines have been affected. They are hoping to resolve this sooner then later. Just in case I reached out to the owner of Fred's and his business has been impacted. So make sure to bring some cash tonight just in case. They are hoping it will be fixed by then however you never know


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I would like to thank everyone that showed up for the run and supper tonight. We were a good sized group. Hopefully everyone had a good time. Got to meet some new people as well. I had to skip the museum tour however I hope you guys enjoyed the collection.

Thanks to Michel the owner of Fred’s for the hospitality at the restaurant and the Museum tour.

Here is a nice group shot Jason took outside of the restaurant.

Thanks Charlie & Jen for planning great weekend we enjoyed everything. Sorry we did not make it to supper Saturday nite ,by time we got home i was beat. That was excellent cruise with a great bunch of people.
You are very Welcome Kevin!! We are so happy we were able to get back to some fun stuff as a group again. We always look forward to these events !!

I also would like to thank Trevor for keeping the rear of the group together. We were on the phone for most of the trip. Makes it. Easier to try and keep 30 ish cars together.