2021 Spring Run Discussion and Signup Thread


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Saturday July 24th we will have our annual Mustang spring run.
Coming from all three provinces, meeting in Amherst.
Plan the day and we will have each province run details
shortly, with sign up for numbers. More run infomation will be added
as we get closer, follow this thread for updates.

We have been all patiently waiting and this is our first official
event of 2021. Look forward to seeing everyone.
Understand this could change if rules or circumstances change.

UPDATE: We will be meeting at Taylor Ford in Amherst approx. 12-12:30
Taylor Ford is closed on Saturdays this summer, but will open for us
To use washrooms etc. So bring lunch and lawn chair so we can all hang out a bit :)

Also we are putting together some door prizes for anyone there, $2-300 worth of goodies up for grabs.

Sign Up Here. ask and we will add,
any mod can edit and add names.

New Brunswick.

1. Charlie & Jen
2. Martin
3. Maxime
4. Dave & Bev
5. Eric
6. Ed
7. Ross and Margaret
8. Serge,
9. Nic
10. Chantal
11. Christian
12. Carlos & Basim
13. Jason and Carole


1. Aaron
2. Chris & Shelley
3. Dale & Paula
4. Stephen & Sarah
5. Urban
6. Albert & Darlene
7. Kevin & Cindy
8. Eamon
9. Alan & Mary

Nova Scotia

1 Trevor & Aliona
2. Rich & Angie
4.Roy & Sharon
5 Richard & Shauna
7. Corey & Christa
8. Randy
9. Peter
10. Tom and Stephanie
11. Kevin

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
I’m looking at a couple of different routes for the Nova Scotia group heading to Amherst .
Regardless of the final routing , plan for these times
For the Metro area plan to Leave Enfield Big Stop at 9am .
Those who want to travel from Truro area we will stop @ Masstown market
Leave Masstown at 10:30 to be in Amherst for 12
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Hey guys,
The plan is to lead the NB group out of Moncton on the 24th. The final destination in Amherst at a location yet to be determined so more details will soon follow. For now here is what I am planning.

Meet in Dieppe in the Champlain Place Parking Lot behind Tim Horton's (473 Paul Street) for 9:00 AM departure fueled up and ready to roll. We will take some back roads depending on conditions and head towards the Cape Jourimain nature centre for a bathroom break and hopefully meet up with the PEI crew for a 10:45 -11:00 departure towards Amherst. The plan is to be in Amherst for around 12:00.


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I think we can expect to see things change many times over the next couple of weeks. Demand for freer travel and business operators seeing a lifeline on the horizon will make it difficult for political leaders in the Maritimes to take a hard like with the pressure from so many angles.


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For PEI cars looking to travel off Island for the July 24th meet in Amherst (or NS &NB folks looking to cruise to PEI), here's some clipped details and links for the paperwork to ease entry into PEI. As of this morning there are approximately 28,500 applications in the queue, with approx. 2000 already approved.

From the PEI COVID website:

Eligibility for a PEI Pass as of June 27​

The following populations are eligible for a PEI Pass as of June 27:

  • age 16 years and older and vaccinated at least one dose (+21 days) of a COVID-19 vaccine approved for use(link is external) in Canada,
  • age 12-15 years and vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Canada (until July 31, 2021, when 1st dose + 21 days are required for eligibility),
and who are either:

  • Permanent residents of PEI, NS, NB, NL or the Magdalen Islands,
  • Visitors to NS, NB or NL – i.e. individuals (other than permanent residents) who have been in an Atlantic province for a minimum of 14 consecutive days (such as seasonal residents of NS, NB, or NL); does not include visitors to the Magdalen Islands,
  • Non-PEI residents who came to PEI through a Pre-Travel Approval and are currently in PEI
Children under 12 years of age, or turning 12 within 14 days of their scheduled travel date, who are travelling with their vaccinated parents/families are not required to self-isolate and. do not need a pass or other travel registration.

If you are a registered PEI rotational worker or registered PEI truck driver and have already provided your vaccine record to CPHO, you will receive a PEI Pass automatically; if you have not yet provided your vaccine record to CPHO, please contact [email protected](link sends e-mail) to apply for your PEI Pass.

You must bring your PEI Pass with you on entry to PEI, along with matching government issued Photo ID (minors age 12-17 see below for acceptable ID).

Required documentation to apply for a PEI Pass​

To apply for a PEI Pass, you will need:

  • Permanent PEI residents:
    • If you were vaccinated in PEI, you will have two options
      • Provide consent to allow a public health official to confirm your vaccination in the PEI COVID Immunization Registry or;
      • uploading your own vaccine record in the PEI Pass application form.
    • If you were vaccinated somewhere other than PEI, then you will need to upload the proof of vaccination
    • When you arrive at the point of entry, ensure you have with you Proof of PEI permanent residency
  • Permanent residents of NS, NB, NL or the Magdalen Islands
  • Other individuals (other than permanent residents) who have been in an Atlantic province for a minimum of 14 consecutive days (such as seasonal residents of NS, NB, or NL) - does not include visitors to the Magdalen Islands.
  • Non-PEI residents who came to PEI through a Pre-Travel Approvaland are currently in PEI
    • Approval code from your most recent pre-travel approval letter
    • If it has been more than 28 days since you last arrived in PEI, upload accepted documentation to prove you were physically present in PEI during the past 14 consecutive days (see below)
    • Vaccine record

Vaccine record​

A vaccine record is an official record, issued by a government, a health authority or a licensed health care provider (e.g. pharmacist, physician).

It contains at minimum: the name of the person vaccinated, the date they were vaccinated and the type of vaccine they received (e.g. Pfizer, Moderna).

Some jurisdictions also have online registries of people who are vaccinated.

Photos or pdfs of vaccine records or online records of vaccination that contain at minimum the above noted information may be submitted with your PEI Pass application. PEI residents can opt to consent to a public health official to verify their vaccination in the PEI COVID Immunization Registry as part of their application for a PEI Pass. PEI residents who choose not to give this permission, will have the option to upload a copy of their own vaccine record with their PEI Pass application.

For general reference, for PEI residents, more information on requesting your vaccination record is available here.

It is an offence to knowingly provide false or misleading information to a public health official under the Public Health Act. Individuals may be ticketed $1,000 per offence.

Proof of permanent residency in NS, NB, or NL​

Proof of permanent residency is a valid province’s driver’s license or government issued voluntary identification card containing your address of principal residence in the province, plus any one (1) of the following:

  • Valid provincial Health card;
  • Valid provincial Motor vehicle registration certificate; or
  • 2019 or 2020 CRA Notice of Assessment identifying the province as your Province of residency (line 42800 of NOE indicating jurisdiction of taxation).
If you do not possess a valid license or voluntary identification card for the Atlantic province/Magdalen Islands where you permanently reside, you must present a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo identification card from another jurisdiction; plus any two (2) of the following:

  • Valid provincial health card;
  • Valid provincial motor vehicle registration certificate; or
  • 2019 or 2020 CRA Notice of Assessment identifying the province as your Province of residency (see line 428 of Notice indicating jurisdiction of taxation).
Other secondary pieces of identification to demonstrate residency in the Atlantic province, which include the travelers name and address, can also include:

  • Utility bill (phone, Internet, electricity, cable, water/sewer or a home heating fuel invoice);
  • Bank statement, cancelled or void cheque with address;
  • Mortgage document;
  • Property Tax bill;
  • Residential lease (completed and signed by landlord & tenant);
  • Federal or Provincial benefit confirmation (Employment Insurance, Social Assistance, Canada Child Benefit , etc); or
  • Employment confirmation or pay stub, with proof of employment location.

PEI PASS application link:

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Last Wednesday night rules for entering NB changed at midnight.

Worked Thursday day shift and we had 3 changes of rules during the day with lots of confusion involved. No need to tell you that the public wasn't very impressed with the situation. Same thing had happened the previous week where news, facebook and word of mouth had the Checkpoints open, not the case so again confusion ...................... I cannot blame the public for their frustrations as all these new changes are really difficult to understand and adapt to.

Up north Officers working the Border also have to screen for N.S. and P.E.I. which adds to the complexity of the whole thing.

But like Fred says, we'll get there eventually !! Hopefully ?? lol


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So here is where we are at, I am not and don't want a politcal debate,
Maritime Politicians are playing games with the public.
Way to much BS for the numbers in all 3 provinces.
I personally beleive public opinion could change this, we will see.

As it stands we are a month away and we will plan our run and like
everything else in the last 16 months, with a question mark?????
If we need to move or cancel our run we will. It would be wise for any plans
you make, be ready to change them.

We hope everyone who wants to come, can!
We also understand each family has their own beliefs and circumstances,
so understand any one who does not wish to travel or come on runs.
As always we hope everyone comes but understand anyone who doesn't.

Make plans and decisions to best suit you and your family.
Hopefully this gets sorted out quickly.