2021 Mach 1


Be a nice car to go to the track with.
It’s got all the play toys, IE: coolers.
Plus wide tires for mechanical grip and cool suspension.
The rev matching is nice if you have arthritis in your ankle or low flexibility and trouble rev matching yourself.


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Agree completely on red callipers.
That is steep price that could buy other useful/functional or consumable parts.
The important thing is good brakes, period.
Colour does not improve their quality.
Get tires or improved brake fluid with better brake lines with that money.
Extra set of pads and rotors...

But, aesthetics is important for some and red is that high emotion colour, like red lips on attractive woman, that gets attention.
In the end it’s about personal taste.
Ford is being a corporate opportunist and banking on that segment of buyers.
I’m sure they had consumer focus groups before offering that option.
Something along the line of, the Bullitt has them so a certain percentage of Mach 1 buyers will want them too.


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I always thought it was funny (funny odd, not funny ha ha) how the GT350 and the GT350R shared identical brakes, yet the R has the red calipers.

I'm fairly certain I've seen guys on some of the US forums that have paid a lot of money to install the red calipers on their 350......matter of taste I suppose, and if you want it right from the factory with the Mack 1 , more power to you, I don't fault Ford in the least for offering it.

Also interesting the base Mach 1 price ($63k) is the same as the base price on the GT350 after the $10k markup in 2017.

Still wondering what's going to happen with ADM, they might tout MSRP, but...........