2020 Fall Run, Truro N.S.


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We are happy to announce we will do the fall run, Saturday September 19th.
It will be slightly different than past runs, so please read all the details.
Remember N.S. requires you wear masks in public buildings, please plan for all protocols.

No Scheduled supper Friday night, folks can get together or do their own thing.
Start time at Truro Mall leaving at 9:00 am Sharp. Please be early, and ready to go, fueled and fed.
We will have stops along the way, with Lunch being in New Glasgow with 1.5 hour time to eat.
NO resturant booked, everyone will have to figure out lunch as needed. New Glasgow has many choices
we have allowed time for everyone to go eat and be ready for afternoon part of run.
We will have a supper Sat. night at 7:00 at Boston Pizza for those who wish to join us.
please let us know if you plan on coming. Details to follow based on numbers.
We should have a conference room if needed and they have nice outside grounds, weather permitting.(Still working on coneferance room details)

This years fall run starts in and ends in Truro Nova Scotia, going to River John, New Glasgow, upper Stewiacke, back to Truro Map to follow.

Hotel Is the best western, Truro 150 Willow St. 25 rooms have been blocked off until Sept. 3rd.
for Friday and Saturday night.
$101.00 includes Breakfast, $95 per night without.

Please Note, with Covid 19, each province has protocols, please be prepared.
Also if required this run can be cancelled if required to.
Each person coming has to decide for themselves if they are comfortable
with going on the run and to what level they wish to participate.
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Bring your Radio's
Meet at Truro mall leave at 9am Sharp
Travel to Tatamagouche Shell station / Robins will be the first stop we will be there approx. 10 AM leaving at 10:20
Next Stop will be Caribou Island Lighthouse About 11:10 Photo stop 20 min
11:30 leave for New Glasgow via Old road
If we are late I can trim 10 minutes by changing the route to New Glasgow to Highway

Arrive Highland square mall 12:00 ish you have 1.5 hours for lunch meet back here leave at 1:30


•9am leave Truro Mall, 245 Robie St. Truro N.S.
•20 min stop in Tatamagouche
•20 min stop @ Caribou Island
•Drive time AM 2hrs 20 min
•In New Glasgow for 12 noon
•Meet @ Highland square mall Leave @ 1:30
•20 min stop @ Stewiacke Tims /Mastadon Ridge
•20 min stop @ Fundy tide center (may skip this stop but it has bathrooms)
•Drive time PM 2 hrs 10 min
•Back in Truro about 4:30


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Sign up Saturday Run

1. Trevor & Aliona
2, Steve & Victoria
3. Gerry & Jackie
4. Aaron & Brenda
5. Charlie & Jen
6. Corey +1
7 Rich & Angie
8 Martin
9 Kevin & Cindy
10. Glen & Sharon
11. Jason
12. Phil & Mel
13. Shane & Judy
14. Al & Jackie
15. Wayne & Linda
16. Max
17. Mike & Carol Ann
18. Chris & Shelly
19. Mike +1
20. Richard & Shauna
21. Dave & Bev
22. Blaine
23. Marc & Tracy
24. Carlos
25.Albert and Alexa
26.Todd & Rhonda
27.Adam & Freda
28.Jason & Janet
29. Michel & Joanne
30. Allan & Valerie
31. Paul & Judy

Saturday night supper.

1. Trevor & Aliona
2, Steve & Victoria
3. Gerry & Jackie
4. Aaron & Brenda
5. Charlie & Jen
6. RIch & Angie
7, Kevin & Cindy
8 Glen & Sharon
9. Jason
10. Phil & Mel
11. Shane & Judy
12. Wayne & Linda
13. Mike & Carol Ann
14. Chris & Shelly
15. Richard and Shauna
16. Blaine
17 Marc & Tracy
18. Carlos
19. Albert and Alexa
20. Jason and Janet
21. Michel & Joanne
22. Allan & Valerie
23. Paul & Judy
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