2015+ F-150 free "reprogramming" offer

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So, as some already know, I have a 2016 F-150.

It had a few things it did as delivered that I didn't like, so I changed/disabled/enabled some options.

Things like the "double honk" when you get out of the vehicle when it's running I turned off, things like "secure idle" I turned on.

I've had a few questions on it by members, so this will try to clear some of those questions up.

I use a program called "FORScan", which is free to download off the internet, but you need an interface that can access HS and MS Can networks. I use an MX bluetooth adapter, generally accepted as the most stable option for this type of thing. If you shop around, you can find one probably around 120-150 CAD. Less expensive options are available, but I would not really recommend them as they have "work arounds" to access both HS and MS CAN.

Everything you need to know can be found in this thread on another forum: http://www.f150forum.com/f118/forsca...-truck-348987/

But for those who don't want to be bothered learning or spending the money, I'm making an offer to change some of the things I know how to do for free.

So if you want that double honk turned off, or secure idle enabled, two presses required on the key fob to fire off the panic alarm or to fold your mirrors on lock.unlock, hit me up.

Only thing is I live up in Kingston, Annapolis valley. So you have to travel for me to be able to help you out.

If you do decide to drop by for a few "tweaks", make sure you bring a USB thumb drive with you. I'll need to make a backup copy of your "asbuilt" files so they can be restored in case something goes wrong when reprogramming a module. 1 GB is more than enough.

It's really all pretty safe and hard to mess up. But, of course, any changes you (or I) make are at your own risk.....

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FORScan stuff is easy so it's no big. Right now I'm working on adding lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and active parking assist. They're the only options my lariat didn't come with OEM. Lotsa hardware, lotsa changes and I even had to go so far as to buy IDS/VCM II.

Adaptive cruise should be up and running by end of the weekend, Lane assist I'm waiting for the special mirror to show up and park assist....well, that's just a coupe sensors as most of it runs parallel with lane assist and the rest is already on the truck as it uses the rear park assist stuff.

I'm lucky the wife tolerates me. Not many would put up with their hubby messing like this with a new $60,000 dollar truck!

She was barely holding her tongue though when she came home one day and I had the 4 foot long center console sitting on the living room floor. She was just a tad freaked out, but holding it together!

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So been doing a little playing around with forscan.

Today I added the heated steering wheel icon and the heated/ cooled seats icon to the home screen.

Then I threw the digital readouts for engine coolant and transmission temp over the plain bar gauges.

The piece de resistance was this weekend though. I added adaptive cruise control to the truck. I've had a chance to put some miles on it and I love it! Will probably never have another truck without it.

Now I'm waiting for a few more parts to show up and then I'm adding the lane assist as well.


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Very interesting.............Had no idea such things could be programmed.

Wish you lived closer, think we would be talking trucks a bit more !!! But I don't think my better half would be impressed if I had the center console in the middle of the living room though.....lol