1999-2004 hyroboost brake booster

02 yellowgt

Dave and Bev Smith
Is anyone familiar with the brake boost system that works off the power steering?Last year I replaced one brake caliper but did not bleed all even though the brake fluid got quite low in the master cylinder.I wonder if this is why I have a hard pedal or if the hydroboost system is bad.Has anyone come across this problem?525162.jpg

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Air will give a soft / sponge like feel.
Here are couple things to check.

Does power steering feel normal ? Good power / easy to turn wheels ?
If yes pump is likely ok.
Loose belts / weak tensioner can limit steering pressure that is also used for braking boost.

Step 2 Turn off car - pump brake until hard - keep foot on pedal ( pushing ) and start the car. The brake pedal should drop then push back on your foot as the booster does it’s job.