94-04 03-04 Cobra Wheels 17"x9 with tires


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I have a set of used 03-04 Cobra Mustang chrome Wheels 17"x9" (Replica from American Muscle)The wheels themselves have no curb damage or visible chrome damage on the face. There is minimal chrome damage in the lug nut holes from impact wrench contact. It is not visible on the face of the wheel at all. They come with the center caps. Bolt pattern 5x114.3. Offset 26.

The tires are 275/40 r17 Cooper Zeon RS3-A. All 4 have 4/32 thread depth left. They still have a bit of life left in them. They do not have any plugs in them.

The wheels are still on the car but Available anytime.

Asking $800.002D476901-D984-4015-A81C-ACEA3EC63D55.jpegEF10DAA5-EB08-4CFB-B0C2-87EC2EAA17BE.jpeg549AD821-21DC-4500-92D5-341B8EF09176.jpegA71C1E74-425E-4DC3-99F5-03E95DF32E3A.jpeg9E0090EF-2365-4BB4-884B-7EB48BE4F908.jpeg