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    New Bronco

    All i can say is WOW!!! Is it ever a nice vehicle !? !! :O Ohhh god I wish to put my hands on any of the variants now!! ugh....
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    Spring Run ( covid delayed) August summer Run

    Will put our names in the draft!! Not 100% sure, but should be there!! Sounds like funnnn already!! :D
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    Thought of the day.

    Yeah all are affected by this hot weather, up there with the work Jetta as well. The little 1.4T doesn't like the combination of heat + A/C .... it's like it has the power of the 1999 Honda Civic LOL. Power robbing A/C, had been a long time i didn't experience that one lol 😅 On another...
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    Maritime mini runs.

    Actually just picked up this black soft top beauty for just a couple of bucks :D
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    What did you do to your mustang today

    Make sense, must not be that much water left in reserve and keeping it for essentials. Haven't seen that notice yet for Dieppe but i do not watch the news or have Facebook anymore for that matter. Can't wash it in the sun anyways, plus around 9PM i forget it's dirty lol :ROFLMAO: 😅
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    What did you do to your mustang today

    It's important for the wash mitt to not sit too long as it'll become lazy on it's own :) ;)
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    2021 Mach 1

    This is a nice car! cannot wait to see one on the road one of these days !! Probably the closest I will end up of one lol :ROFLMAO: 😅
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    Caption this

    Let's drive out into that sunset! (wowwww, what a road !! :D )
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    Strut Tower Brace

    NEVERMIND hahaha 😂 i haven’t written anything.... 🙄
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    Strut Tower Brace

    Marc (67again) has one I know that for sure!! My loss for spending my car cash on something else, go grab it from him!! @67 AGAIN He's got the Ford Racing one if memory serves me well... I'm sure he has pictures to throw in!
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    Thought of the day.

    Prepare to pay if you break windshield and replace. Eyesight WILL have to be recalibrated regardless of anyone telling you otherwise ( or pray to not have to need it... 🙄)
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    2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert

    And it IS why I have my MBRP. Done my research. We all know the best are the ones Gerry has on it's car (Ford Racing), but at almost $1K for an axle back, it was a hard turn down for me, hence why I've went with MBRP. The 3.73 will eventually move the drone zone a little so it'll be easier to...
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    2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert

    I know they are really oposite vehicles, but if you'd encountered my Focus ST, you would understand my drone hatred. 3'' downpipe with high flow cat, Roush 3'' catback exhaust (yep, they're as loud on that car than a mustang). Need I say the 4 cylinder buzzing sound was high? On top of that...
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    2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert

    Yesterday i had an appointment to straighten up the exhaust tips. The MBRP axle backs didn’t come with perfectly aligned hangers, to put it politely. Come to know that i had a broken bracket on top of loose exhaust clamps. The shop used fixed the bracket, put a little tack weld under the exhaust...
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    2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert