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    Maritime mini runs.

    Nice shot
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    Spring Run ( covid delayed) August summer Run

    If you can use higher channels power and range are doubled.
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    Caption this

    You did want to redesign the garage doors didn’t you......
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    Air conditioning question.

    Thx Fred. It was actually for the X1, which has a very very slow loss of refrigerant.
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    Caption this

    Who put that there.......
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    Thought of the day.

    hmmmmm, no comment
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    Caption this

    If you convert the seat, you could fertilize as you go round as well.............
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    Thought of the day.

    Says the man who would get up at 3am to line-up for Main St. !
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    2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert

    Like Al, I have it in heated storage, but leave battery connected and use a battery tender to keep it in tip top shape for the whole winter.
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    Thought of the day.

    Took a ride to the East Point lighthouse on PEI, where we went with the fall run previously and found a guard fox to look after my car! Look carefully at the last photo.
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    Air conditioning question.

    Which place do you take it for the refill?
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    Road to buidling a 1990 Foxbody LX

    This all sounds very familiar..... Christine lives her TT (and her Mustang of course).
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    Thought of the day.

    1969 Mk1 Ford Escort Estate Something like this one.
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    What shoes do you wear to drive your Mustang?

    I picked these Michael Schumacher branded ones a couple of years back, very comfortable.
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    2021 Calendar Photo Contest.

    In my defence I was instructed to do so by a number of people, including yourself 😂😂