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    After Market

    I went to Raven a couple of weeks ago to dyno my car. The fellow I was dealing with (James) sounds like he knows his stuff. There was a fellow there getting an exhaust installed and was asking question after question. He had a answer to all of them. If you have any questions for them the do...
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    2022 calendars ordering

    I would like to have 2 of these. I am in Dartmouth so no trouble picking up at a time that's good for you
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    Cool Mustangs

    Drove thru MacPhee today to look at my cousins new truck. Spotted this 2021 GT500 out back. Only 135000.
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    Man Cave or Garage

    Haven't been here long but that looks like the garage of the Happy Hippe that was on the Guild TV show
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    How Many Kilometers or Miles do You have on Your Mustang ?

    52000 on mine. It goes up every nice evening we have
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    2022 Calendar Photo contest.

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    First time Mustang owner, new to the site

    Going to have to wait, I have no other pictures other than in the yard lol. Yeah don’t wanna listen to those people!!
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    First time Mustang owner, new to the site

    From the Dartmouth area. My cars actually a clone/ tribute car. From what I can tell it has everything that a stage 3 would have except the white gauges and a Roush S/N. it does have a supercharger, body kit,full Roush exhaust, and suspension, leather seat covers, shifter, rims, floor mats, car...
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    First time Mustang owner, new to the site

    Thanks, I would love to do a run, if I'm available of course. Love the GTHIG BTW
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    First time Mustang owner, new to the site

    Hi there everyone, lurked around for a couple of weeks so I signed up so I could see all the pictures lol. Got my car three weeks ago, it's the first Mustang I have ever driven. I gotta say it's a blast to drive, I love it ! People told me I was going through a mid life crisis when I bought my...