Ford vs Ferrari the Movie


Both Netflix documentaries add perspective.
The 24 hour war and the Shelby American docs.

Enzo's own son, Piero Ferrari describes his own father as arrogant and tough on people.
He almost lost all the brain power and technical knowledge of the company when a veteran engineer complained about the amount of time Enzo's wife spent in the factory. The engineer gave Enzo an ultimatum, the wife spends less time in the factory or he would go.
Enzo showed him the door.
When a significant group of the other engineers wrote a letter of support for the first engineer, saying if he did not return they would leave too, Enzo let them all go. That almost cost him the company.

The film has Hollywood adlib in it.
That scene where Enzo tips his hat to Miles as a sign of respect after the '66 race.
Makes the audience feel all good about the respect Enzo had for Miles.
This is not in the documentaries but apparently that could not have happened because Enzo was reportedly not at the race in '66.

The film also makes the Ford engineers look absent from the program and incompetent, leaving the audience thinking Shelby did everything.
The truth is more that The GT40 was a good platform to start with.
The initial version designed, engineered and built by Ford. By their own admission, the Fords were not race oriented.
The company was focused on large sedans for the comfort of the American masses.
They were not racers or hot-rodders, which Shelby was in spades.
Shelby was employed by Ford and although he and Miles had all the racing and hot-rodding know how, the program was a team effort between the Ford engineers and the Shelby camp.
Ford laying the foundation and the Shelby team refining it to be a winner.
No doubt the Shelby factor put them over the top though.
He was after all, a past Lemans winner with the great racing company that Aston Martin was at the time.
And his Cobra was a prime example of hot-rodding 101: light weight European chassis stuffed with powerful American V8.