2019 - 2020 NHL Season.


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Not meant to be Fred!

I enjoyed the game,best game I watched in a long time,good hits,really good hits,great goaltending,unfortunately it was like a heavyweight battle,the Black team is just that strong.

If Montreal was playing any other team,I feel they would have won,they just have to continue that effort.


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Montreal played great for 2 periods, likely played over their heads to
stay with Boston, but couldn't do it for 60 minutes.
Boston is one of the best teams in the league, Montreal is not.

Its going down the toilet and fast, someone needs to do something and now.


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Big week for the HABS, they play Islanders Tuesday, Avalanche Thursday and the Boys in Blue NYRs,Friday. Hopefully they can build on how they played first 2 periods last night.


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Thats a horrible schedule

If I were in a position like someone is I would take them to NY today,and stay,fly home for the Avalanche game and back right after for the Friday game.

Get the team away from the media,lots of distractions in the big Apple for team bonding,

I am sure by the looks on their faces last night there is blame going around,gotta stick together when times get tough.


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CJ is probably a bit wary or a "players only" meeting happening this week. Babs was in a whole different place than Julien. Tough times when all levels of the organization have the walls closing in on them at this critical point in the season. Almost getting too late for the flush and re-start the club needs to turn their fortunes around.


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CJ last year was trying to change, you could see it, working with young guys and changing how he coaches.
He is an old school coach, which does not fly in todays NHL with youth movement.
Last year in trouble you could watch him revert to old ways.

This year he has revert back to old ways, which means he is done.
Youth is our future and hes using them like fringe players, one example>>>
How does taking KK and turning him into a third line check centre help your future.
Teaching him responsibility makes sense, but we Have Danualt and I love him,
but hes not a first line centre on any top NHL team.

Most top NHL teams get these young horses and unlike days gone by, they play them
a lot right out of the Jr's or AHL, not in Montreal, He needs to change or go and quick.

MB is now 8 years into a 5 year plan and can anyone tell me how much better we are today?
Do you see a cup run in next 3 years? Consider this, do you see Habs getting into Playoffs.
They would have to win 30 of next 55 games and that's cutting it close.

11 Career years last year for Habs players, how many can even come close to that?

I have about 60 more questions and not me or most have answers.
I do know this, if what your doing is not working you change it,
time to make some changes, can't get much worse. 8 loses in a row.
79 years since Montreal has done that.

Need a GM that understands how to build a team and a coach who can coach in 2020.

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Very frustrating times for Habs fans for many years now. Seems like we get out Coached, out Managed and out Played all the time. At one point or another someone has to open an eye to notice what's taking place, but with Molson and Bergevin running the ship I don't see much for changes coming our way again this year. And Julien not on his game either as when you play guys who have no points for many games on the power play well................wake up !!!! Man they are a frustrating team to be a fan of !!


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Good point on the new style of coaching Trevor,I was like many and wondered why the Rangers hired an unproven College coach,turns out he knows this is how new kids respond,and similar to Toronto's new bench boss,the kids like playing fast,loose and often at times reckless to get two points.

Unheard of that a team could come back from the deficit the Rangers were in against the Habs,but somehow they did,even shooting on the best goalie in the league.


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Canadiens just put Back Up Goalie Keith Kincaid on Waivers and have called up Cayden Primeau from the Laval Rocket.
That's just like giving me the keys to Trevor car and matching his lap times,

He is nowhere near quick enough to play at this level,impossible,hasn't seen speed like th NHL and not really the time to introduce him.

Toronto tried this,and he was putting up awesome numbers in the AHL,forget his name,played against Chicago and got burnt.


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He is nowhere near quick enough to play at this level,impossible,hasn't seen speed like th NHL and not really the time to introduce him.
Others. Commenting as well on the goalie site.

"there’s a perception that it’s the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a gaping head wound and that it’s a move that has the potential to do irrevocable damage to a young, promising player’s confidence if things don’t go well."


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OMG,some of my coaches would be in prison if still alive,including my Father.

The latest,and seriously,Avery of all people, how far will this go,both in time and situations?

Assistant coach Marc Crawford was placed on leave by the Chicago Blackhawks Monday evening, pending an investigation into allegations of physical abuse against forward Sean Avery when Crawford coached the Los Angeles Kings in 2006.


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The Kinkaid thing is a joke. The brough up a couple of players.
practice was with same forwards as against Boston.
Same thing hoping for different results LOL Good coaching right there folks.

Tonight against Islanders will be no picnic, then the get the AV's who are very good.
Rangers on Sat night and they have been playing very well even if only one spot
ahead of Montreal.

Funny little being said by anyone from Montreal, wimps bunch of them.