For Sale Windrestrictor - Blue light Mustang 50 years


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Came out from my 2014 convertible. Will work also on coupe.

Bought it for wind reduction on the back seat, but was not a big difference. then is more a decorative thing.
Also I’m trying to save for other mods.
Mustang 50 years logo, blue light (you can hardwire if you want)
Original price was over $500. selling for $250. I could potentially ship, but will be at cost of the buyer.

Mint condition, was used for 2 years5E7267D1-2EE6-4E6E-A62A-DF077B7A850E.jpeg231B77E0-16AA-4633-BE81-568572E4FA63.png016E6174-B8CB-43C5-8508-46B2AB0283AC.jpeg62F6A894-4C14-4285-888E-A6A2B8CC3C86.jpeg