Wanted 1 piece driveshaft for 2005 GT Manual

Maybe for Al and Trevor’s benefits in their builds, or anyone else.

I have one anecdotal story on the one piece.

You guys likely know this but they have an expansion or length adjusting spring part at one end so the shaft can adjust and cope with play in the suspension.
This is covered by an accordian type rubber sleeve to keep the grease in and the elements out.

Ok, so many installers tend to want to mount this end toward the front of the car tucked in the transmisdion tunnel.
A good way to keep it clear of spray or debris under the car.

Problem with that setup is if you have long tube headers, the heat from the hot headers when you turn the car off will gradually compromise the integrity of that rubber sleeve over time.
That will happen silently until one day it lets go with a big bang, like a gun shot, and spew its grease on the underside of the car, and scare you into thinking you broke something in a bad way.
But really, it’s not a big deal.
Don’t ask how I know…?‍♂️

The two takeaways from this story:

1- If you don’t have long tubes, it’s a none issue. The driveshaft can go on anyway you want. Enjoy! ?

2- If you do have long tubes, mount that expansion piece (is it called a yoke?) at the back, by the diff.
That way, the heat from the headers won’t be able to affect the rubber sleeve.
Mine’s been at the back since around 2011. No issues at all since.
Enjoy even more! ?
and then we have to wait for thougths in results :(
One thing for sure there is a difference between manual and automatic for drive shaft with the 2 pieces and one pieces if you get a slack in the rubber pieces in the center bearing manual will not notice much because the clutch will absorbe a bit but with auto when you get it from drive to reverse or reverse to drive you will be able to ear the clunk and then you will see the difference that you do not have with the one pieces and just the weight loss and feeling you have worth it for me .and the other good thing is that will not rust just that very good when you have a clean car with no rust.