Sparco driving shoes


I have a pair of new, never used, Sparco driving shoes for sale.
Or at the extreme, donate to an enthusiastic driver.
It’s more about reusing/recycling than making money. Right now they are just in the box collecting dust in my closet.
I bought them new last year but never wore them because the toe box is too tight for my wide feet.
Have not returned them because, dealing with online vendors, it’ll cost me nearly as much to return them as what the initial purchase cost was.
They are a size 10.5 US or 44 EU.
Because of the width, maybe they would fit better a 9.5 or 10 US size.

In order to better inform your decision, I invite prospective readers to view the following thread I posted a couple years ago on the merits of wearing proper footwear for driving.

A few pics bellow.




Here I took a picture of said shoe in a side by side comparison with the other two pairs of driving shoes I own and always wear to drive the Mustangs. A pair of Puma and a pair of Sparco, and you can see the difference in the width of the toe boxes.
It’s the only reason I have not worn them and looking to pass them on to someone who could benefit from them.

I'm impressed at the re-Marc-able restraint in not mentioning the fact that my car has never seen a track in those 45,000 km. :ROFLMAO:

Then again, my truck has never seen off road, so at least I'm consistent.

Apologies for the hijack, back to your regularly scheduled program, free bump to the top, good luck with the sale.