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It appears the site is partially back to life. Most of the info is out dated. It needs some serious work, or to save the effort just piggy back on MARITIME MUSTANG. That would be a win win. More cars, more people, more runs, more shows, more fun....... all good!

Each Club form the maritime region could have there own section for news and schedule stuff. The benefits to us 'the car nuts' would be huge.Say you are going to be some where else for a weekend or on business somewhere, you could hook up with another group. What a way to meet others in this region.

Probably beating a dead horse, pardon the pun, stuck in the past. It needs change.


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92LX302;n1925 said:
This is my vision for Maritime Mustang. A central hub for the different Mustang communities around.

I as well. NSMC website is not very active and you need to be a member to access, which is fine.
But how do enthusiast find out about things? Use us, set up in groups, free website to drive traffic to your events.
Cape Breton group, NB groups, anyone. Set up under groups, run all your news through your own group page.
TO me its win win for all. we get enough traffic to justify website, they can drive traffic for anyone travelling
in the Maritimes.