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    Show us a Pic of Your Family Pet

    Jake and Molly after spending the past weekend at the Boarding Kennel
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    Fred's Funny pages

    Andy Capp, Love it 👍 My question now is how many people under the age of 35 would have known that ?
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    Spring Photo contest.

    You missed the boat Terry 😁
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    Fred's Funny pages

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    New Bronco

    I saw the commercial (short film) on New Bronco last night and I like the New Bronco 👍
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    Stupid car folks

    My question is why ? Just because you can doesn’t mean you Should 👎🏿
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    2020 Summer Photo Contest.

    Very Nice 👍 Yellow/ Black colour combo looks Great 👍
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    What shoes do you wear to drive your Mustang?

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    I guess the Run on Toilet Paper Continues 🤣
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    Caption this

    Joined the RCMP at 19 so it would have been a Police Car a Plymouth Gran Fury 360 4 barrel. My first car at 17 a 75 Plymouth Valiant with a Slant Six wouldn’t do 100 MPH unless it was dropped from a Cargo plane at an altitude of 1,000 feet 🤣
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    Caption this

    100 MPH in Comfort and Style 👍
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    Caption this

    Piece of Shlit
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    Spring Run ( covid delayed) August summer Run

    Unfortunately we are unable to attend due to previous commitments Have Fun Guys 👍
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    Fred's Funny pages

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    Maritime mini runs.

    Got this in Shediac at a red light after supper. Cruises to Pointe du Chene Wharf then up 134 to Cocagne and headed home on 11.