Born in Montreal , have lived in NB since 1982.
South East NB
Car History
Have owned my 2001 BULLITT Mustang since 2011. My First Mustang and Hobby Car.
Miscellaneous Information
Difference between Regular GT and BULLITT. 3/4 of an inch lower. Factory Sub Frame Connectors.Exhaust 20% less restrictive. Unique Intake Manifold with dual throttle bodies , unique Interior. No Rear Spoiler or Fog Lights.275 HP(according to Ford)


2001 BULLITT Mustang, # 02058 , of 5582 Built , one of 722 Produced in True Blue. MGW Short Throw Shifter, Projector Headlights , Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light.
Sold new at Al Packer Ford in Florida and imported to N.S. prior to my buying car in NB in 2011.




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