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    Drive On Ramps

    black metal, about 12" high. never did drive up on these, but were good to set your car tires on the platform once jacked up. $15.00 for the pair or free to someone with 2 cold beer....(y)(y)
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    Hello from SJ

    sorry to say all we have at the moment for a fun ride is my g'sons ( 'lil squirt) is a 12 volt 4 wheeler -- but it is a similar colour green! ;);)
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    2020 Radical Speedsport April 17-19 2020 Moncton Coliseum

    well Sparky, I would tag along as well.....
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    3rd Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Run Saturday May 9th 2020

    I suppose some of you lads might be itchy if I was to tag along with a '69 Nova SS, 396/4Spd 😯😯 This is one of 4 oldie cars along with 4 Harleys my neighbor has.........
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    2019 Radical Speedsport April 12-14 2019 Moncton Coliseum

    .... Sparky, I'll ride shotgun.
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    2019 PEI Fall Run

    Now --- I wonder if anyone has a spare Mustang to loan or rent or donate for this trip. We don't want to feel left out. There may be an off chance I'll have a replacement ride before the run. But failing that, what are the thoughts of a handsome white '19 Honda Ridgeline cruising along in the...
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    05-14 Shelby For Sale

    I have the Shelby sold to a fine gent from Windsor, ON. He and the wife are flying in next Wed with cash in hand, I get kind of moist just thinkin' about the moolah!! Hither / tither, me_oh_my, what to buy next. Rather a nice scenario for me, whereas we owned the car for 1 month shy of 6 years...
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    05-14 Shelby For Sale

    Hey Guys, thanks for the cheerful comments..... the hen likes the KIA option:eek:. Keep the offers rollin'
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    05-14 Shelby For Sale

    Thanks for looking fellas, if you can think of or know anyone in the market, kindly pass along. Fred - - my thought is to hunt down an '80s or maybe '90s convertible. And second to that pick up a 18 to 20 foot zodiac boat to putter around with......
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    05-14 Shelby For Sale

    Looking to sell my sterling grey '13 GT500, approx 25,000 km, bump to bump $0 ded warranty to May/20. A few minor mods: gas hood lifts, strut tower covers, tail light trim and vinyl lens tint, high flow air filter & resonator delete air intake tube, metal front (upper & lower) grille kit -- 2013...
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    Car show Etiquette!!

    A buddy of mine in Riverview relayed this story to me about 6 years ago. I had an acquaintance in Moncton (Sandy MacPherson), I believe he passed away a few years ago. He had a collection of GTO's - 5 - I believe not all cream puff vehicles, but original and # 3 or low 2 condition. During one...
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    2019 Radical Speedsport April 12-14 2019 Moncton Coliseum

    Hey there Sparky, I'd be interested in the Moncton adventure!!...... Your buddy buckwheat
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    2019 fall run voting

    which run are the PEI guys favoring??
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    Value Of??

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm looking into locating a '64 Fairlane T/B rep, 427-5 speed, one that's done to the n**s as they say. A few listed states side.
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    Value Of??

    Trying to establish a sensible selling price for a 2013 gt500 (23000 km), has B to B warranty ($0 ded) to May/20. Several listed in the US for $43M.+ in doodle dollars. A couple listed in Can for $55 or so. Just feeling out the market, feedback would be appreciated. Cheers.