2020 Dyno Run


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As always we plan a dyno run each spring
to Pete's Performance in New Hampshire.
Some do the dyno, some go for the run.

This is typically a 3 day run, leaving early Friday Morning,
getting Home Sunday afternoon / evening.

What dates work?
Who's in ? Trip and or Dyno?

1- Trevor
2- Glenn
3- Phil
4- Aaron
5. Al
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Mineral Grey

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Add me to the list, hope to have a few extras added for another tune ..would a White Mountain run back to bangor be in the cards or another coastal ? Jackie and I actually did the full coastal route on Thanksgiving/ Columbus weekend from Hampton beach to Ellsworth using 1,A, and any other road that hugged the coastline .. There is lot if fantastic views that way .. I should be flexible on dates


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May 29-31 makes sense, it avoids Memorial Day weekend prices AND the fact that Pete is always pissed/stressed when we show up on that weekend. Lol.

I really enjoyed the slow windy drive back last year.