2019 PEI Fall Run


Great weekend everyone.
Big thank you Aaron for all you did. Leading a group like that is not easy, driving out of your rear view mirrors as much as out the windshield.
Thank you to the rest of the MM moderators for another successful event. Nice job on the maps Gerry.
Nice pics and vids all who posted.
Good conversations with many.
Pleased to have been there.


Staff member
A bit of delay getting a few pics up. Great to have everyone over to enjoy a good day on the road with great people and some fine Mustangs! Always great to see familiar faces and meet some new people. Glad to see PEI was well represented and, hopefully, see folks on future runs.

Thanks to Charlottetown Inn & Conference Center. Kate & team took care of things. Kent MacPhee and team were great at the Olde Dublin Pub for supper Friday. Thanks to Amber Jenkins and crew at the Bluefin Restaurant. Got us all in and fed in record time! The Black & White Cafe and DJ's Dairy Bar were hits for the afternoon stop at the Shops at St. Peters Bay. Supper at Hunters Alehouse in the Nightcap Lounge was a great location and meal. Thanks to Jeff, Oliver & Kate for the great location and service!

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