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  1. Mcdavis

    New plate needed in NB

    I need to get a new plate to replace my old seasonal one. Just been on the ServiceNB site and they are doing appointments for certain things but I do not see getting a new plate as one of the options. Has anyone been to do it recently?
  2. Mcdavis

    Rental needed Halifax area

    Hi folks, about to start a new job in the Bayers Lake area of Halifax and am looking for a rental property, preferably pet friendly so Henry can come visit occasionally. If anyone has any contacts or know of anything then please PM me. Thanks, Martin
  3. Mcdavis

    Ford Brochures

    A couple of months ago, when I went back to the UK to visit my Mum, a friend who is still at Ford had managed to grab a couple of very interesting things for me that the marketing dept were throwing out....... so thought you might be interested. The Mustang 40th Anniversary press pack is an...
  4. Mcdavis

    O/D Off button for 2003 Mustang GT Automatic

    We are looking for a replacement O/D (Overdrive) Off button with its attached wire and quick connector for our 2003 GT Automatic. its a discontinued part from Ford. Anyone have one kicking around? Or any suggestions of where to get one?
  5. Mcdavis

    Woodward Dream Cruise.......and Mustang Memories show

    Yes we love going to the Dream Cruise, have done it a number of times over the years. We lived in Detroit from 1999-2002 so know it well. Last came two years ago, enjoyed the build-up and the cruising on Thurs and Fri, then parked on Mustang Alley for the main event on the Saturday, and watched...
  6. Mcdavis

    More than detailing needed............ on route to the Woodward Dream Cruise

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\t Views:\t0 Size:\t160.1 KB ID:\t32879","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"32879","data-size":"full"} So...... on our way to Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise, a bucket list item for many. Then the day after we are judging at Mustang...
  7. Mcdavis

    New England Brass & Gas Tour 2019

    Happened to be in NH when this tour of pre-1916 vehicles was taking place. 80 plus vehicles including some steamers. Enjoy!
  8. Mcdavis

    55 years of Mustang and the Mustang Owners Museum

    See the video...
  9. Mcdavis

    Suzuki put to bed for the winter

    For those that know, some idiot reversed into my door at the Nationals in July. Well it all got sorted out, Beechill Autobody, near Hillsborough did a fantastic job of sorting the dent and exactly matching the 24 year old paint. And then last week Futura signs in Riverview did a great job of...
  10. Mcdavis

    Fall Photos.... not a contest but just because!

    So I am sure you have all been taking fall photos while out and about...... so thought I would encourage you all to share some of them. Here is one to get things going.
  11. Mcdavis

    Spark Plug Wires

    I was looking to see if I could get some nice RED spark plug wires for our 2003, but am struggling to find them. For some reason American Muscle only seem to have them for V6s! Have also checked CJ Pony parts and Amazon US. Anyone got any suggestions?
  12. Mcdavis

    Last ever Sunday Canadian Tire Dieppe meet up

    I have just heard that Sunday night will be the last ever Sunday night Dieppe Cruise in, so let’s help them make it the biggest!!! It’s going to be packed so let’s make sure the Mustangs has a great presence. Should be a good evening.
  13. Mcdavis

    Brake Pad Recommendations for New Edge

    Anyone have any good recommendations for Brake Pads? Was searching online and came across Hawk XPS pads which seemed to get good reviews, anyone used them?
  14. Mcdavis

    Aug 19th - Halifax Charity Car Show and run to Mahone Bay

    When: Sunday, August 19th, 2018 Show 10-2 PM. Road trip @ 2.15PM Chickenburger in Bedford from 10 til 2, then trip down to Mahone Bay. Thinking of coming up from Moncton for this, anyone else interested?
  15. Mcdavis

    Classic FORDS in the UK

    As a Brit living in Canada, these are the classic Fords I grew up with and love. Let’s see who can name all the different models that are in this video!!
  16. Mcdavis

    Siemens Autonomous ‘65 Mustang...... errrrr
  17. Mcdavis

    Hillsborough Canada Day Car Show

    Anyone else planning on heading down to Hillsborough on Sunday? Starts at 5pm and goes thru the evening, includes live band, free hot dogs and fireworks at 10pm. Kiwanis field in Hillsborough.
  18. Mcdavis

    The Lower 48 - how many have you done and what is your favorite?

    We have just managed to visit our last state of the lower 48..... and we have driven to all of them, often in Mustangs, over the last 19 years. How many states have you visited and what is your favorite?
  19. Mcdavis

    Newport, Rhode Island Car Museum (NEW) !!!

    On a recent trip to Boston, we took a quick trip to Newport, RI and discovered the brand new Newport Car Museum (, only opened in summer 2017. The museum is the private collection of Gunther & Maggie Buerman, housed in a refurbished missile factory !!!!! Some...
  20. Mcdavis

    Fall Photo Shoot

    Hi folks..... as the car is going away shortly we decided to have a couple of days doing photos, so we took a trip to Maine on day 1, Eastport, Lubec and Campobello. On day 2 we went up the NB coast from Shediac to Rexton. Enjoy the photos and let me know which one you think is best!