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  1. torch

    2020 Summer Photo Contest Voting

    mikepearce62 5.0 SVT4MT 02_yellowgt 67 AGAIN TrueBlue02058 MC Stanger McDavis davekona f3champ pei_guy Randawg
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    Spring 2020 Photo Contest TIEEEEEE BREAKER

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    Spring 2020 Photo Contest Voting

    S197CS 67 AGAIN 02 yellowgt TrueBlue02058 MC Stanger SVT4MT Mineral Grey pei_guy Mcdavis 05 gt 5spd thundr Ohtobbad VE9NOM
  4. torch

    Intake / temp question

    I got the car out on the road the other day, noticed the temps seemed high. On highway in 6th gear, cruising at 120, manifold temps climbed to right around 220F. Intake temp was at 98F. When I exited the highway, temps dropped to 180ish. Didn't think much about it, but I noticed it because...
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    Backhoe business?

    Background info: I've absolutely loved construction vehicles since I was a kid. I've just never had an opportunity to be around them that closely. I've often dreamed about one day starting a business just so I would have an excuse to own one. Right now I have a Cub Cadet sc2400, which is a...
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    2020 Spring COVID-19 Photo Contest Voting

    You know the drill -- 2 votes each! Voting ends on April 13th Good look to all participants! Ohtobbad TrueBlue02058 Pjbiggar pei_guy 2008BlackCSGT 02 yellowgt Mineral Grey Canuck121 MC Stanger Mcdavis VE9NOM SV4MT 67 AGAIN Alex&Wanda
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    Got her started young

    It’s thirsty and it takes premium, too.
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    15-20 Steeda ProFlow Mustang Cold Air Intake (15-17 GT)

    This is the model that requires a tune modification from Steeda. You would need to get a new tune from Steeda and you will also need an SCT X4 tuner for your car. Only on my car for a couple of months before I ended up supercharging it. Steeda link Asking $200 Canadian
  9. torch

    15-20 Custom Exhaust Manifold setup

    Here's a special for anyone wanting to go with a catless setup. These are modified stock manifolds, catless section 1 pipes with Vibrance resonators welded into place. These were on my car along with the Borla ATAK setup I also have for sale. Asking $250 Canadian
  10. torch

    15-20 Borla Touring Resonator Muffler

    I had this on my car along with the Borla ATAK setup for a while in place of the X-pipe that came with the kit. With my specific scenario I felt that adding this resonator gave the ATAKs just the right tone and volume. Loved it. On my car for about 6 months. American Muscle link Asking $200...
  11. torch

    15-20 Borla ATAK 2.5 in. Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Black Chrome Tips

    I had these on my car for about one year. These sound amazing and the X-pipe really cracks nice and loud. I switched away from these when I went with a full 3" setup. Here is a link to what they are retailing for at American Muscle along with other specs...
  12. torch

    15-20 2015-2018 MBRP 3" Race Cat-Back Exhaust

    I had these on my car for about 2 months this summer. They are like brad new. I've switched to the Street version as I found there were too loud :) Too loud probably due to my specific setup -- supercharged and catless LT headers. I think if you have stock manifolds that the volume may be OK...
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    Doug Demuro Tour of the GT500

    I enjoy watching his videos. Gives the GT500 a pretty good review:
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    2019 Fall Photo Contest Voting

    You know the drill -- 2 votes each! Voting ends on October 23rd. Good look to all participants!
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    2020 Calendar Voting

    It's time to vote on our first ever calendar for 2020. Please pick the 12 best photos from our list below. Voting remains open for 10 days and closes at 12:00am on the 29th. Good luck everyone!
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    My New Daily Driver (direct from Japan?!)

    You guys probably know I like to try out new cars. Well I've got a new one for ya. I needed another daily driver as we now have 4 drivers in the household. I ended up purchasing an automatic 2003 Subaru Forester XT with 50,000km on it, straight out of of Japan. The Criteria First let me...
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    2019 Summer Photo Contest Voting

    2 Votes Per Person! Voting Monday July. 8th at midnight. Good luck to all!
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    2019 Official Event Listing

    May 4 2nd Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Run NB, NS, PEI May 31 - June 1 NH Spring Dyno Run Loudon, NH July 5-7 Atlantic Nationals Car Show Moncton, NB July 27 Moncton Mustang Show at Trinity Collision Moncton, NB September 21 2019 PEI...
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    2019 Spring Photo Contest Voting

    2 Votes Per Person! Voting closes 1 week from the time this was posted Good luck to all!
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    Winter Photo Contest Voting

    Winter Photo Contest voting is now open! Please vote for your TWO favorite photos. The lucky winner will be featured on our homepage over the coming months. Thanks for voting! Voting ends Sunday Jan. 13th at 12 midnight.