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  1. thundr

    Road Conditions - Update

    There seems to be lots of road work around HRM. How about in your neck of the woods. Here are a few I have noticed: Dartmouth - North bound on Circ from wood side to Banook Lake just by Mic Mac Mall. Bedford - From the top of magazine hill after the bedfor exit through by pass north to...
  2. thundr

    Ramps - light weight, for jacking

    Decided to make these so I can get the jack under car. My next task will be to take off the wheels for a detailed cleaning. I usually use a series of blocks. I hope these will be easier to get up about 3" or so. I glued and screwed the boards together then cut with chainsaw on the bias. Had to...
  3. thundr

    Auto Insurance

    Have you had any any insurance issues? My daughter who has 5.5 years clean record had her insurance canceled by Insurance company becuase she did not have 6 years. The comany Aviva apparenty had some losses and decided to not carry anyone with less than 6 years.
  4. thundr


    I bet there are a few stories on TPMS. As long as your car is new, you don't have a problem. Seems the batteries only last 7 years or so. Different stories on whether they are time sensitive or milage sensitive. I was under the impression they were made law and manadatory after the Ford...
  5. thundr

    What's your winter driver - Don't say Mustang

    It seems I have some options as usual. This year I'll have my F 150 as the base driver, I have my daughters Golf VW, and also picked up a Toyota Corolla. Depending on circumstances, one ore all could be available. I like the idea of a winter beater, with our highly corrosive salted roads. Down...
  6. thundr

    Ford vs Ferrari the Movie

    On Nov 15th the movie comes out. I don't generally go to the theater, but will for this. It seems its about CS. I wondered how long it would be before a movie would be made to document the old fart. There is a trailer ou but have not watched it yet. Some heavy hitters starring in it.
  7. thundr

    Fall Cape Breton MC Run

    Has anyone heard of a run over the Cabot Trail this weekend. A co-worker was on Smokey this weekend and met a Mustang Guy who said there was a run this weekend. With fall colours it would be a great run, one of the great spots to let those ponies run. This could be the Cape Breton Mustang Club.
  8. thundr

    Happy National Mustang Day 55 years

    Wow, it's been a long run. Proud to be an enthusiast.
  9. thundr

    F-150 Trucks Options

    Tell us about you TRUCK ride, new or old. The recent trucks are more like luxury cars than trucks when it comes to ride quality. But yet can still haul. The engine options seem to be endless. All engines seem to have some redeeming qualities. But who wouldn't want a 5.0 l? The most recent...
  10. thundr

    Transmission Leak - Explorer

    I pulled the boat home from the lake today. When I un hooked there seemed to be oil on the tail gate. Got under it and there apears to be a transmission leak. Lucky I made it home. Will have to find out what to do next.
  11. thundr

    Barrett Jackson 2018 Palm Beach Auction

    On my bucket list to go see one of these. This catch my eye when I got this email. Some nice looking cars. Which one would you choose.
  12. thundr

    2020 Gt500

    Looking pretty cobra like. And 700 HP wow. Time to move over and let the big boys play.
  13. thundr

    Wheel Refinishing/Repair

    Hey, anyone have good or bad experience with wheel refinishing. I have some 17" wheels that are either needing refinishing or replacing. There seems to be several companies here in HRM doing refinishing.
  14. thundr

    03 GT Vert FS, My Neighbour

    Just a heads up if any one is in the market for a car. I told my neighbour I would post this and let him know if there was any interest. I have only saw the car parked in the garage. I don't have any pictures. Here's the stuff he told me: 2003 GT convertible. It is red/maroon with a black top...
  15. thundr


    This is a short video of some mustangs and stuff going wheel to wheel at goodwood. Looks like a lot of fun. I hope you can make the links below work...
  16. thundr

    Hobbies – What’s your hobby, past, present, and future!

    We all have a favorite past time or hobby we like. Maybe it was something in the past which we still enjoy but may not be active. We obviously have our current passion Mustang, and maybe more. And there is always something we are thinking of doing, but have not got to it yet. Pictures always...
  17. thundr

    Ford GT

    What is the latest on the Ford GT. I heard there is one coming to an owner in HRM. If money was no object, that would be on my list. I guess you could always put it on your list, that doesn't cost much.
  18. thundr

    Daughters car

    My daughters 04 VW golf 2.0 l gas will start but won't continue to run. No codes. It runs for 2 seconds and then shuts down. It will keep starting but the same thing happens. Like with most fuel injected cars, when you switch on the ignition each of the injectors get a shot of fuel. It almost...
  19. thundr

    Stanley Cup - Crosby in Cole Harbour

    Made it to the parade today, got a copy of shots. Lots of people there. There was a lot of interest in this. Closet I have ever been to the cup. He had the Conn smythe trophy in the back of the truck too. Very cool to see a parade like this in small town NS.
  20. thundr

    High Performance Driving School

    The AMP ASCC HPDS is the best track time money can buy. The full day of time on the track with like mind drivers and guys who know the track is a blast. The end result will be driving knowledge and eligibility for a lapping licence and time attack. It's on today at Atlantic Motorsport Park in...