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    With or without?

    I'm in a great with plate or without? I need your honest opinion as I like both look.🤔
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    Mustang Peninsule activities

    Mustang Show June 30th at Hatheway Ford Tracadie... Horaire des Activités 2018 26 mai- 1e Rencontre de la saison de 19h00-21h00 (ne sera pas remis en cas de mauvais temps) Première rencontre de la saison au Canadian Tire de Tracadie. Venez montrer votre bolide. Rencontre Sociale...
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    New forum setting

    Now I have to log in if I want to see a tread. I did usually log in if I wanted to reply to something but now ...
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    05-14 18" oem mustang wheels and tires (2005-2014)

    I have a set of 4 wheels and tires for sale. They came off my 2014 Mustang. 2 tires are good for another summer or one good and the other 2 for a couple summers. All wheels are in excellent condition except one with a curb scratch. Nice upgrade for your V6 or for your GT. Pick up...
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    Stripes or no stripes?

    I cannot decided if I should add a stripe or not on the hood. Since I changed the grille, it seems like there is something missing. I want to add the laguna seca Boss 302 type stripe on the hood only in matte black to match the grille (subtle) or should I keep it as is...
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    How to get rid of swirls and holograms on paint?

    When I bought my '14 GT I had a few scratches on my paint. So my local dealership said they would buff it in their shop... I wasn't impress with the result, the scratches were still there plus I had swirls and holograms all over the car. They tried to have it fix at a local body shop (start with...