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  1. TrueBlue02058

    Home Gyms/ Exercise/ Workout Programs

    With all Public Gyms Closed over the last month a lot of People that were working out in Gyms, (myself included) have set up home gyms causing a temporary shortage in home Fitness Equipment in stores and online. I was able to pick up a Flat Bench as well as an Abs Bench for doing sit ups along...
  2. TrueBlue02058

    Man Cave or Garage

    Show us your Man Cave or Garage. Here’s my Man Cave.
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    Post a Pic of your Mustang on a Flat Bed Tow Truck or hooked to a Conventional Tow Truck

    Here is mine back in 2017 on it’s way to a Clutch Replacement.
  4. TrueBlue02058

    2020 Atlantic Nationals

    July 9th thru 12th I Pre Registered last week and my Entry Number is 133. I’m not going through the Hassle of putting my car in the Downtown Friday Car Show and look forward to the Cruise and Supper on Friday as well as Supper and watching the Parade on Saturday. I have an idea for the...
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    Die Cast Model Cars any Scale, all types of Vehicles

    BULLITT 1/18th Scale 2001 Black
  6. TrueBlue02058

    Brief Video Tour of the Mustang Museum
  7. TrueBlue02058

    Coolest desk ever !

    Furniture Find: 1968 Mustang Bullitt Desk Jesse Mortensen {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","height":"390","width":"630","src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/10\/Mustang-Desk-630x390.jpg"} We have all seen those couches made out of ’57 Chevy or Cadillac tails...
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    Winter Storage Plans 2019

    What are your plans for Storing your Mustang this Year ? Mine goes into off site secure heated storage on October 12th. It will stay there till end of April. Getting annual Rust Check under coating next Friday, then Oil and Filter change with a good wash the day before it goes into Storage...
  9. TrueBlue02058

    Steeda to sell 300 Steve McQueen Edition 700 Plus HP Supercharged BULLITT Mustangs
  10. TrueBlue02058

    8th Generation Corvette Revealed, And reasonably priced for Super Car Performance

    Decades of GM engineering studies and years of development on behalf of the current Corvette team have finally led to this moment, the unveiling of the first production Corvette with a rear-mid-engine layout. We’ll spare you the history lesson and trivia—except for mentioning that this is the...
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    The 9 Best TV Pick Ups of All Time

    I remember and watched all of these shows.
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    Cruise to Shediac August 25th

    Event Name :Cruise to Shediac (August 25) City :ShediacProvince :New BrunswickWebsite :Facebook:Contact Name :mauricePhone : Fax :E-mail :angelal@nbnet.nb.caDescription :Location: At the rotary park (big lobster) 229 Main St. Time: 9:00 - 3:00 pm Classic car and movie weekend at the Neptune...
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    Memramcook Show and Shine August 4th

    Event Name :Memramcook Show & Shine (August 4) City :MemramcookProvince :New BrunswickWebsite :Facebook: Name :Skylar GallantPhone :506 961 4271 Fax :E-mail :Description :Situated on the Memramcook Institute Grounds / Learning & Vacation...
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    Ford Country Club Fathers Day Car Show

    Event Name : Ford Country Club Fathers Day Show (June 16) City : Riverview Province : New Brunswick Website : Facebook: Contact Name : Dennis Carrier Phone ...
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day !

    St. Paddy's Day Tomorrow, March 17th, a Day when Everybody is Irish. I always knew that 3 of my 4 Grandparents where from Ireland, with the 4th having English Roots. Did the Ancestry DNA thing and it wasn't that simple, Came back: England, Wales and North West Europe: 48% Ireland and Scotland...
  16. TrueBlue02058

    2019 World Juniors

    So far so good for Team Canada. Winning their first 2 games, beating Denmark 14-0 and the Swiss 3-2 last night. Their next game is tomorrow night against the Tcheque Republic. By winning their first 2 games they automatically qualified for the Semi Finals.
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    All Wheel Drive Mustang ?
  18. TrueBlue02058

    How to Resize Photos from PC to post on Forum

    I finally figured it out and thought I'd share for my fellow Computer Illiterates. :FordSmile 1. On Forum Thread, click on Camera Icon, Top Left to share photos. That will take you to your Saved Photos on PC. 2. Open desired photo, click on Edit in drop down menu 3. Click on resize, I cut...
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    Mustang Prices over the Years

    Interesting read.