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  1. Ohtobbad

    Spring Run ( covid delayed) August summer Run

    We are planning our delayed spring run for Saturday August 8 2020 From all three provinces to a arrive in Amherst Nova Scotia approximately 12:00 pm ( lunch time) As we know with all the changes to the rules, we will be doing things a little different. Bring your own lunch and lawn chair, or...
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    2020 Summer Photo Contest.

    Contest deadline July 12th. 1 entry per person. get out and look for that perfect picture. always fun. Good luck to all.
  3. Ohtobbad

    Caption this

    Thoughts, caption this.
  4. Ohtobbad

    Mustang as a Sub brand??

    what do you think of this. The Latest on Mustang Becoming Its Own Sub-Brand
  5. Ohtobbad

    2021 Mach 1

    time to see what its about, new Mustang Mach 1 for 2021 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Confirmed As The Most Track Capable 5.0L V8 Mustang Ever!
  6. Ohtobbad

    Paint & protection

    Some of our cars are older, some are newer. All different types, ages and milage. Some driven alot more, some very little, a few barely at all. What are your thoughts on Paint? stripes? protection? wraps? Tint? Anything related.
  7. Ohtobbad

    Cool Fords For Sale

    I have noticed folks posting lots of Fords for sale. That is not theirs, which is cool, We have a classifieds section if we are selling and can post on out facebook if selling Mustang stuff or cars. But we don't really have a spot for cool fords we see, that we want to show folks here, So here...
  8. Ohtobbad

    Stupid car folks

    We all see some stupid stuff some car folks do. So heres the place to post it. Hopefully its not you :ROFLMAO: Heres a starter for you, How not to jack up your Mustang.
  9. Ohtobbad

    2020 Nationals

    As Maritimemustang,com. we no longer do the corral but we have still done events around the Nationals each year. Some members still go in the show and we all support by going, being in Moncton and other aspects of the event. This year, with covid 19 many waited and then expected it to be...
  10. Ohtobbad

    Maritime mini runs.

    With all the rules and no end in sight, I thought a thread with Mini runs would be a good thread. So whether you get alone or with a friend or two, Let us know. Even better take a pic of where ever you are and share Might be awhile before runs or events happen, but we can share the small local...
  11. Ohtobbad


    So with no sports and no racing. E-racing is the new craze, with even the pro's getting in on it, F-1 E grid has half a dozen real f-1 drivers in it. Nascar is the same. with the pros getting in on the fun. I used to play some racing games on PS3 but never did online and looks like fun, but...
  12. Ohtobbad

    Rare and relaxing

    With all the crazy stuff going on around us and in the world today. This thread is to post cool and positive things you have seen along the way in life. whether its a photo you found or a place you have been Just something to make folks smile. Please remember this thread is for very unique...
  13. Ohtobbad

    Spring Photo contest.

    It's that time of the year. Might be difficult to get out and shoot that perfect picture., so might have to get creative in your yard or go to the archives. One photo per person!!! Photo must be submitted by April 30th midnight, anything after does not make it. This is for top spot on...
  14. Ohtobbad

    How old and how did you learn to drive?

    I seen this and though great memory. Driving farm tractor in the fields. I think it was 10-11.
  15. Ohtobbad

    Covid 19 Photo contest.

    This is not one of our normal contests, I am doing this, to give us something to do. Submit one photo to this thread and on April 4th at midnight, I will close thread. set up voting for all members Winner gets $50 gas card ( which right now should be about 25000 km in driving LOL )...
  16. Ohtobbad

    2020 events , possible cancelling.

    It has been brought up on a few occasions about summer events, Maritime has planned. We are watching situation as is the world and will cancel as required, based on information that we will all have. Some events might be able to happen with alterations to plans. At this point its...
  17. Ohtobbad

    Ford Plants

    Ford temporarily close plants Ford Temporarily Halts North American Production
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    As I am sure everyone knows this is a world wide Pandemic. Pretty much every major sporting event, concert and large events are canceled or being canceled. Travel is grinding to a halt little by little. I suspect not much will change until they get a handle on this. Whats your thoughts?
  19. Ohtobbad

    International women's day

    Heads up Guys, International women day is March 8th. This is to celebrate all women in your lives. Much bigger in Europe, but don't be caught out. If your wife knows about or hears about and you have done nothing, well might not be good. So for all those special ladies in your life, at the...
  20. Ohtobbad

    2020 official events calendar

    All of these will have individual threads for more detail, but quick reference for your calendar. April 18th Radical speed sport show Moncton, get together and Lunch ( Canccelled ) May 9th - 3rd annual Spring Run to Amherst ( cancelled / postponed ) May 29th to 31 Dyno Run New Hampshire (...