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    Flat tire fix?

    I think some of our cars have over sized tires so what do you do if you get a flat ?. Use spare anyway? Or carry plugs or spray can like slime or fix a Flat? I keep a full plug repair kit with me , a tire inflator, and a can of fix a flat...I could get away with a spare on the front but not the...
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    Cannonball record broke by Mustang

    This guy rents a Mustang and beats the Cannonball record ..would be a fun trip
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    05-14 Wanted adjustable panhard bar

    Anyone have an adjustable panhard they are looking to sell for 05-14 Mustang.
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    05-14 Eibach Pro-Alignment Camber Adjustment Bolts

    Used set of camber bolts to give away if anyone is interested , good for stock suspension or mild drop
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    Fundy Tail Parkway update

    As some of you know the Parkway is open and now goes from st Martin's to Sussex.. If you plan on doing the full passage in the Mustang, DON'T!. The original road to Walton Glen is good but from there to the sussex side entrance and to Adairs is all very coarse gravel (about 20km) . and then...
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    New retro Camaro

    I don't like the retro design on this ..but the k10's they did a couple years ago looked good ..
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    05-14 SCT X4 tuner for sale

    Just came across this on kijiji. Great price for someone that needs or wanted to get one. It's located a few subdivisions over from me ..
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    "wanted" Ford Performance Hot Rod Camshafts

    i will be installing cams to the Mustang this spring. before i buy new i thought i would throw it out here.. any one looking to sell a set of Ford Performance Hot Rod cams for 2005 4.6 3v..?
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    Front license plates

    So now that New Brunswick is a few days into the new no front plate phase, who out there is going to remove their front plate!. I'm seasonal so I'm already there
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    S197 DRL relocation?

    Hey guys, anyone know location and colours of the wires for daytime running lights in S197's ? I'm looking into moving my DRL to my fog lights if possible... I've see modules that used to be for sale to relocate them to the park lights, but this is no longer available ..
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    Dash cams

    anyone use a dash cam on a regular basis? pro and cons if it? i'm looking to get one for this coming summer, so many times i've said to myself, " damn, i wish i had that on video!" not looking to spend a lot of $ but would like to be able to go back and retrieve footage at times
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    Ceramic coatings

    I am planning on applying a ceramic coating next spring. Anyone have a good / bad testimonials ? I was planning on purchasing MrFix 9H , I know of a couple that have used this one .
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    Saturday coastal cruise?

    I was thinking of doing the Quoddy loop tomorrow but with the Campobello ferry still not running I still might just do deer Island and some coastal routes if anyone wants to get out before the sunday/ Monday rain ..
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    Hampton Car Show Wednesday July 4

    Tomorrow night is the hampton Lion's car show . I should be up there around 6, any locals planning on attending
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    The great race

    the race is now in Canada..they should be pulling into Rothesay in a few minutes.
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    Petty Auto fest

    Anyone planning on attending? I have never done this one before, Has it been a good turnout in previous year's
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    Valley Cruisers car show this weekend

    Also first cruise night is June 6 at Rothesay Super Store .
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    first Mercury Cougar sold in moncton

    interesting story i found while checking out the Carlisle Ford Nationals show June 1-3 2018. i knew about the first mustang being in Newfoundland but the Cougar in Atlantic Canada too.
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    New vs Old

    what would you rather? original old school American muscle or current state of the art high tech revving machines. its a tough call for me as i like em all, but i guess the era i grew up in is my soft spot. not a big fan of the new Top Gear since Clarkson got canned and May and Hammond left...
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    Grand Tour is back

    Anyone else glad this is back on? at least it airs in the off season to keep me going till spring. these guys are great. would like to also see some specials in the future like they did in their previous life.. some great episodes last year, i cringe when they wreck these exotic cars ,but it...