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  1. 05 gt 5spd

    My 1972 F250 project

    This project started in spring of 1972 when my Dad bought this truck, it was less than 6 months old. Built in Ontario in Sept of 1971 and picked up at the factory by the original owner . Dad needed a truck for the garage and this came home. F250 4x4 ,360 cid V8 , 4 speed trans, 2 speed divorced...
  2. 05 gt 5spd

    Not a Mustang, but a work version from Mr Ford

    This 1972 F250 has been in the family since 1972 when Dad purchased it with 4,000 miles on the clock. Just a bit over 40,000 miles now. more story to come This picture taken 10+ years when it came home from the paint shop This is is the next time it saw the sun , May 2018. after being in...
  3. 05 gt 5spd

    National Mustang Day 2018

    What are your plans for the Birthday Celebration on April 17, 2018 i know for many of us the cars will still be tucked away because of road conditions and weather. Even if the cars don’t appear can we get together for a coffee , maybe a NS group, a Southern and Northern NB group? What are...
  4. 05 gt 5spd

    2018 What Mustang modifications are on your list?

    2017 is all but done and most of our cars are tucked away for the winter What is on your list to be done when the pony comes home from the winter stable ?
  5. 05 gt 5spd

    Your Ultimate road trip(s) - Where would they be?

    So all of a sudden you have a month of time and $10,000.00 for a road trip- so I'm dreaming - What's wrong with that ? Where would the road trip take you and your Mustang? Do you have a favorite location to revisit ? Let's hear where you would go. You can break up the time and make...
  6. 05 gt 5spd

    Looking to buy 2005-2009 GT driving lights

    Anyone have a set of 2005-2009 GT driving lights to sell? One of my reflectors went south, better replace both while grill is out
  7. 05 gt 5spd

    I got my new truck too soon!

    Hennessey Performance out of Sealy, Texas unleashed its new VelociRaptor 6X6 concept this week. Even the still photos growl. Based on the 2017 Ford Raptor truck, the team at Hennessey transforms the new Raptor into a 6-wheel drive off-road vehicle with 600+ horsepower. “Over the past five...
  8. 05 gt 5spd

    Hilden Car show Sept 24-2016

    Here were a few of the 180+ cars that showed up on Saturday I think Mustang was the most popular single model there
  9. 05 gt 5spd

    Some planned Wednesday Night events from NSMC

    For all Wednesday runs we will meet at the Bedford Commons after 6:00 pm and depart at 07:00 pm except for long run to Windsor and the run to Peggy’s Cove from Exhibition Park when we will leave at 06:30 pm. Opening Night for Wednesday Night Cruises - MAY 18 -2016...
  10. 05 gt 5spd

    MAA50TH The meaning behind the license plate

    MAA50th This is How what started as a weekend trip in 2009 turned into a 26 day,14,000+ km trip in 2014! In 2009 working in Arizona I met a group of people who loved their Mustangs, loved them enough to travel across America to celebrate the 30th,35th ,40th and 45th birthdays. I got to travel...
  11. 05 gt 5spd

    Speciality Tooling available

    Just thought I'd start a topic - Some tools I've got if some one needs them - loanable - may even come with a helper but you break - it you buy a new one I've already spent the money - save yours Lisle Broken spark plug removal tool for early 4.6 3v Mustangs Fabricated Pinion flange...
  12. 05 gt 5spd

    My 05

    Well Its been 10 years since Ford built this one, I'm trying to keep it maintained but the urge to drive has put on a lot of summertime miles