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  1. torch

    15-20 50th Anniversary Car Cover

    Located in Moncton NB. Best offer
  2. torch

    15-20 2015-2017 Borla Resonator for sale

    Was on my car for a summer. Nothing wrong with it. Best offer. Located in moncton nb
  3. torch

    2024 Mustang release Wednesday September 14th

    I like it. I could see that white on in my driveway, Charlie!
  4. torch

    2022 Nationals Saturday July 9th Cruise and Supper

    Hey guys, please add Phil & Melanie for supper if there is still room!
  5. torch

    2019 California Special Race Red

    Congrats Charlie and Jenn! Wow. She's a beauty.
  6. torch

    My new-to-me M3

    I know, right?! I actually have an intercooler and down-pipe upgrade to bolt on this spring to freshen it up for the summer :)
  7. torch

    My new-to-me M3

    The interiors are so nice! I can't even hear the mustang exhaust's when I pass them.
  8. torch

    My new-to-me M3

    I can totally understand that. Do you still have either of those cars?
  9. torch

    Need advice

    Nice clean ride!
  10. torch

    My new-to-me M3

    haha :) The turn signal was pretty stiff when I took ownership - not sure it was used very much before me, but I'm breaking it in now.
  11. torch

    My new-to-me M3

    I don't think it's a good idea to be the rabbit... you would be so far behind me and all... :) Yeah -- I can hang with Gerry and make sure he doesn't get lost!
  12. torch

    My new-to-me M3

    Here it is. Sorry for not posting sooner :) 2015 BMW M3 7 speed DCT transmission Twin-turbo inline-6 motor Since purchasing I've added a set of cold-air intakes and an upgraded mid-pipe for both performance and sound mods. It has a selectable exhaust note that goes from "efficient" to "sport...
  13. torch

    New Bronco

    I'm all out of KIA's... but I do still have the white Wrangler :) Mel hasn't let me trade it in yet
  14. torch

    New member - 2008ShelbyGT500

    Hey Justin! Welcome. I'm from Moncton as well - I'll be keeping my eyes open for you and your car :)
  15. torch

    New Bronco

    that yellow one looks great, what trim level is it?
  16. torch

    What did you do to your mustang today

    Nice ride Max!!
  17. torch

    Eleanor die-cast model

    My thoughts as well. But on the other hand, it's also a slow burn over the course of 30 months so it doesn't hurt as much?
  18. torch

    For Sale Mustangs for sale

    Dave please let Bev know we are thinking of her.
  19. torch

    Eleanor die-cast model

    Hey guys, I came across this Eleanor model "subscription" this morning while looking for something else. It's really, really cool if you are into model building. It's a 1:8 scale, highly detailed, complete with lighting, die-cast model of Eleanor that you build over a period about 30 months...
  20. torch

    Nissan / honda side project