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  1. Canuck121

    2016 Mustang GT California Special

    Well the 2016 is now in Moncton and will have a new owner soon I’m sure. Great car and treated me well. On to the next one 😁
  2. Canuck121

    2019 California Special Vert Shadow Black

    Well I’ve been talking about going from two down to one and today it happened. The 2006 sold a week ago and today the 2016 went to Moncton and this one came back. Just under 25,000kms, automatic trans and has all the bells and whistles I was looking for. Needs to be cleaned so more pics to...
  3. Canuck121

    2006 Mustang GT Convertible Torch Red

    I don’t see my other one for sale 😎 😉
  4. Canuck121

    2006 Mustang GT Convertible Torch Red

    Sold the 2006 last night to a guy in the Valley. He’s been wanting one for quite a few years and finally got one! Hopefully we will see it on some Mustang runs 😁
  5. Canuck121

    2023 Fall Run Valley, Nova Soctia edition

    Got myself in there and pretty sure dad will join for both the run and dinner
  6. Canuck121

    Thought of the day.

    I have the recall as well and thought exactly the same 😂. But it is sad because there are more and more people out there as years go by that haven’t had to back up a car using these things called “mirrors” 😝
  7. Canuck121

    2023 Dyno Run New Hampshire

    Wow I was surprised when I heard the news. I’ve done many trips to Pete’s place over the years and he was the guy to go to. Did wonders for the Saleen and last year got my CS running better. Having said that, my many trips were mostly just going for the run. Always a fun trip and will...
  8. Canuck121

    Winter round up

    I would think they won in all the houses that had that station on 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Canuck121

    Crazy Weather events in your area

    In Fredericton for a couple of days and lots of snow here. Didn‘t see much snow on the ground until the NB border. Further you go the more you get lol
  10. Canuck121

    2023 World Jr's

    And we all know you don’t win anything without good goaltending ? even with a guy like Connor Bedard on your roster.
  11. Canuck121

    2023 World Jr's

    In the words of Gord Miller after Bedard got them on the board “you could feel the building shake” and rightfully so. At that point it was all USA and Canada came to life after that goal. Everyone knew how big that was. It took Milic to stand on his head the rest of the way but momentum swings...
  12. Canuck121

    Road to buidling a 1990 Foxbody LX

    I like the black ones that Marc posted ??
  13. Canuck121

    Thought of the day.

    Put the 2016 to bed today. Can’t ever remember having one of my cars out this late into November before. Convertible was also tucked away in its little corner last Monday. Was a good season for driving. Hopefully next year will be even better ?
  14. Canuck121

    2023 Calendars

    I will take a couple ?
  15. Canuck121

    NHL 2022 / 2023 season

    But now they can tell everyone they have an 11 million dollar Dman who had 97 points last year ?
  16. Canuck121

    Be Safe My Friends

    Our office in Burnside has no power. And you are correct it could be a bit.
  17. Canuck121

    Be Safe My Friends

    Still no power at home. Lost a couple of trees but nothing major. The cottage in PEI was much worse. Lost almost all the trees that surrounded the property and there is so much debris the person who sent me the video couldn’t get around to the back yard. Will hopefully get there this weekend...
  18. Canuck121

    2022 Fall Photo Contest

    Gee when did I take this one? ? I might not be the only one with this scenery in the background but I am the first ? Good luck to all ?
  19. Canuck121

    NHL 2022 / 2023 season

    MacKinnon signing for big bucks today. $12.6 per year makes him the highest paid player. Who’s next? ??
  20. Canuck121

    Fall Run September 17, 2022 Central Prince Edward Island

    Just wanted to mention something that I found today. Meeting spot is 39 Union Road for tomorrow and I have two that come up in my GPS. So the one out near the airport is the correct one. Just off Brackley Point Road. About 6 minutes from the Rodd Hotel.