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  1. Fun GT

    Touch Screen Radios in Convertibles?

    I've upgraded mine as well, must say one of my most appreciated upgrades and no real issues with the screen either. Sound improvements are a real positive and Bluetooth is a plus. My buddy did same with his Mustang and he even added the back up camera which is also very nice, we both went with...
  2. Fun GT

    Thought of the day.

    Martin, Eric's family just landed last night and visited the James Corden show. Next stop your place for supper. lol I believe you'll need a "Mini Van" for your next Mustang Run............... ;)
  3. Fun GT

    Vinyl protector

    I have used the Ragtop stuff since I got the car and really like it, works great. If you want to hide the wear and tear pictured above you can try to match it with a permanent marker, it won't fix the wear but it will hide it until you get your roof replaced. I'm scheduled for a new roof in...
  4. Fun GT

    Electric F-150 Lightning

    Spoke with a fella yesterday who's son has one. It's new and in the shop already, battery failed. He said $22 000 for the new battery without installation cost, good thing it's under warranty.
  5. Fun GT

    Speedsport Moncton Today

    Really nice stuff there, thanks Fred.
  6. Fun GT

    New Mustang Owner here.

    Really nice looking car there Olivier, welcome to Maritime Mustang.
  7. Fun GT

    Turning a Pony into a Coyote

    Sweet !!!!!
  8. Fun GT

    Stripes or no stripes?

    I likes it, I likes it a lot there Marcel, very nice !!
  9. Fun GT

    Thought of the day.

    Yup, got a good connection for rentals. Now those rentals are not GT350 blood related, lol, but are 2 up riding Yamaha's. You can look them up under B&G motorsports which is operated by Brad Mann who you may know as he was a race car driver for a long time. I'd be glad to hook you guys up and...
  10. Fun GT

    Thought of the day.

    Maritime Mustang "winter style" Does same thing like bring a bunch of enthusiast gear head people from all over together, but only in colder weather. This was taken in Kedgwick River (Restigouche Chalets) during a few days of get away riding with friends from Sussex, St-John, Ottawa...
  11. Fun GT

    Crazy Weather events in your area

    Hoping, really
  12. Fun GT

    Crazy Weather events in your area

    3 days in a row with temps very warm, 5 to 10 degrees. Today took the hose out and washed truck and sled. Never seen this in March before, was weird. Tomorrow suppose to be the same ???? Who knows ?? lol
  13. Fun GT

    2019 California Special Race Red

    Glad it worked out for you !! One less headache.
  14. Fun GT

    2019 California Special Race Red

    Well Charlie in my opinion they should fork the bill for shipping if they can't get fixed locally or get replacements. But you never know what route they will chose if any ?? Those situations just suck.............
  15. Fun GT

    2019 California Special Race Red

    If nothing local is found Charlie you could always turn to P. Jacques in Quebec. They refinished wheels on my old F-150 and their work was excellent. Man I cannot stand shady work, feel for you my friend. Had work done a few years ago on my Stang and the experience wasn't great to say the...
  16. Fun GT

    Turning a Pony into a Coyote

    Wow, just awesome Al. Hope to see that sometime this summer.
  17. Fun GT

    OH2BFOX ( 1990 Lx Foxbody build)

    Awesome looking wheels, really like those (y)
  18. Fun GT

    Front End Friday

    Nothing like grandkids to put a smile on us grandpa's and grandma's.............especially when they pose in front of their future cool Mustang ;)👌
  19. Fun GT


    Yup, me too. Mostly pics from Trevor lately but it has happened with others too at times.
  20. Fun GT

    Winter round up

    Enjoy folks, just can't make this one but it would have been a great time for sure. Had a blast at the last one at Jason's, good food, beverages, company and the game..........forgot who won Habs Leafs Leafs Habs ????? lol