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  1. KBStang

    2023 Dyno Run New Hampshire

    Enjoy the trip.
  2. KBStang

    Recommendations? US border pickup spot in Calais Maine?

    I have had a Kinek account for about 10 years and use their pickup location in Calais, ME. It is at a warehouse just past the old border crossing, near Marden's and the new Dollar Tree. They give you a unique mailing address and charge $5 US an item, no matter how big the box is. I have had...
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    2023 Dyno Run New Hampshire

    I plan on doing the run out of Moncton with the group early Friday morning. I travel to Maine quite a bit and I am familiar with the drive down from PEI.
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    Fred's Funny pages

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    MPH to KPH Speedometer Conversion Sticker

    Howard, this place is a bit cheaper than $800-$1000, and it sounds like they have experience with miles to kms conversions. They have a location in Toronto and may be worth contacting to see what they say. They may be able to swap a kms face plate onto your existing cluster...
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    2023 Dyno Run New Hampshire

    I'm in for the run, double or single room fine. No dino ;)
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    Happy Birthday

    Another shot from last September's PEI run
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    2023 Dyno Run New Hampshire

    Some of the PEI Mustang owners got together Sat. Night for some food and drinks and the topic of the planned Dyno Run came up. There are at least 3 interested and will firm up commitments once the dates are confirmed. It sounds like a great time.
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    Crazy Weather events in your area

    Freeze indicator for temperatures this coming weekend
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    2024 Mustang

    Hard to believe that the Mustang had its lowest yearly sales in 2022. No doubt supply chain issues contributed.
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    2024 Mustang

    At least you can still get it with 3 pedals.
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    2023 winter Photo Contest Voting

    Congratulations Mike
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    Winter round up

    Will be away on holidays or would likely attend.
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    Thought of the day.

    Reminds me of the line from Risky Business - "Who's the U Boat commander?"
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    Electric Vehicles

    There is also the question of where jurisdictions will get the funds to replace those they are now collecting as part of fuel taxes. I am not sure if it has happened yet, but some states were talking about charging a much higher fee for the yearly registration of electric vehicles to offset...
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    2023 winter Photo Contest

  17. KBStang


    Welcome Wayne, nice car.
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    Caption this

    Hold my beer and watch this.......
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    Front End Friday

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    How Many Kilometers or Miles do You have on Your Mustang ?

    81,300 kms on my 2003