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    2021 Winter Photo Contest Voting

    Congrats! Great pics all around!
  2. VE9NOM

    My Maintenance Wash Routine is my go to place for supplies. I find the prices on par if not better than most other sites and you get free shipping on orders over $100. I've spoken with Chris the owner and he's a great guy. I usually purchase when there is sale going on like Christmas or Spring sale. Whatever...
  3. VE9NOM

    My Maintenance Wash Routine

    Great write up! Looks like you and I have both built our wash routines based on the same great resources you linked to. I use pretty much the same method and product line. I also spend my time over the winter buying up refill product and a few new things. I'll add a few of the products I have...
  4. VE9NOM Calendars

    Hey Charlie. I can drop by and pick one up if you're working today.
  5. VE9NOM Calendars

    I"ll take one please. I can pick up from Charlie.
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    2020 Fall Photo Contest Voting

    Congrats on the win! Great pic and Mustang!
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    2021 Calendar Photo Voting

    Congrats to all! Gonna be great!
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    2020 Fall Run, Truro N.S.

    Looks like I can finally attend for a change! Fingers crossed! Please put me down for myself and plus 1 just for run. Thanks.
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    2021 Calendar Photo Contest.

    Well I got lazy. It's been one of those summers that I either forget to take a photo on a run or haven't been happy with what I get. So I'm gonna go back to my fav photo shoot and grab another one out of the library. Mike Moncton, NB 2018 Mustang Eco Premium Performance Pack Photo take on the...
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    New member

    Welcome aboard! :)
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    Spring 2020 Photo Contest TIEEEEEE BREAKER

    Congrats! Tight race all the way!
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    I need new tires! What's everyone running these days?

    Yeah sticking with the stock size for this set. I'll post some feedback down the road once I get some time with them. Should be here Monday! :)
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    I need new tires! What's everyone running these days?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. A lot of great suggestions. I ultimately decided to go with my initial choice of the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. Decent reviews and stays within my budget. Looking forward to giving them a run! Cheers!
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    I need new tires! What's everyone running these days?

    Hi all. My tires barely passed inspection and it was recommended I replace them soon. I current have the Pirelli stock tires 255 40 R19. One model that caught my eye were the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. Decent reviews and good pricing out there. I was wondering what everyone was running? Any...
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    Corvette Killer?

    Cookie cutter super car with a mustang front-end. Meh.
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    Spring Photo contest.

    First wash of 2020.
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    2020 Spring COVID-19 Photo Contest Voting

    Congrats and nice job on the pic!
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    Hello from SJ

    Welcome aboard!
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    Covid 19 Photo contest.