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  1. Canuck121

    Mods and Suggestions - Spend my money :)

    So I’ve been looking at different things you can do with a 2016. In typical Mustang fashion there isn’t much that you can’t do lol. So that brings me to the question what should I do? Also known as spend my money.....which we are all so good at:LOL: What has been done so far ( that I know...
  2. Canuck121

    2016 Mustang GT California Special

    Yep....I am now the owner of a 2016 Mustang GT California Special. It has been a month in the making and quite a story from start to finish. That is a story best told in person with a coffee lol. One of those things that just kinda happened and a deal that I was more than ok with...
  3. Canuck121

    Any good sales?

    It’s that time of year for parts to go on sale at some decent prices. Anyone looking around or buying anything good? I know Santa shows up about a month from now but I think it’s 50/50 as to who’s been good and who’s been bad :LOL:
  4. Canuck121

    Car Covers

    This is one topic I don’t see here on the forum. So I will start it up. What do you use for the winter to cover up the Mustang? All kinds of brands out there.....some indoor, some outdoor and some do both. What’s the best? What’s the worst?
  5. Canuck121

    Strut Tower Brace

    Just wondering if anyone out there has a strut tower brace to fit a 2006 GT? Was looking at new ones but figured that someone may want to or have one just laying around that they no longer use. Let me know if ya do and asking price 😁
  6. Canuck121

    Factory Sunroofs

    So was floating around different sites and Facebook yesterday and stopped on a conversation about factory sunroofs in a Mustang. They were talking about a 2004 in particular and one guy was certain his sunroof was factory. I don’t remember anything past the 1993 Cobra being factory but thought...
  7. Canuck121

    05-14 Premium Wheels and Tires 235/55/17

    These are off the 2006 convertible. If you are interested let me know. Can send you better pictures if needed. They are all wrapped up in plastic and ready to go.
  8. Canuck121

    Car Shows of 2019

    So figured I'd start a thread on what everyone is doing or maybe doing for 2019 season. We all know about the local stuff and that is certainly welcome here also but I'm wondering what kind of road trips some might be thinking about doing this year. I'd love to do one and I try to get to the US...
  9. Canuck121

    2006 Mustang GT Convertible Torch Red

    As some of you already know, we added a new pony to the stable. I say "we" because this is pretty much gonna be hers but I think I will have fun making a few changes to it :) 2006 GT Convertible that just rolled over 80,000kms. Automatic and red just like she wanted. We've put her to good use...
  10. Canuck121

    Rental Cottage In Prince Edward Island

    For those of you that don't know, this will be my first year in the rental property business. In September of last year we bought a cottage in Wood Islands, PEI and decided to rent it out. The rental season will go May to October in 2018. We spent the last few months of fall 2017 buying items to...
  11. Canuck121

    Shelby Prices

    So I’ve been looking around on Kijiji and Autotrader like I always do and noticed that prices of Shelby Mustangs of all years have gone up.....or seem to be up. Always keep my eyes open because if the Saleen were to be replaced it would probably be a Shelby in my garage. So are they really worth...
  12. Canuck121

    PEI Brackley Beach Car Show

    Don't forget about the show in Brackley Beach, PEI this weekend. I will be in PEI but for different reasons ;)
  13. Canuck121

    Maritime Mustang Spring Event

    As most of you know, we here at MM do 2 of our own events during the year. One takes place at Atlantic Nationals (summer) with the corral, cruise and dinner while the other is the Fall Run which focuses on a different province/area every year and has grown from a daily cruise into an entire...
  14. Canuck121

    Cape Breton Shows

    Here are the posters for a couple of the shows coming up in Cape Breton :)
  15. Canuck121

    Remember This Car at Barrett Jackson??

    Something interesting popped up on my Facebook feed this morning. One of the groups I follow posted an Ebay listing for a 1993 all white LX convertible. Sound familiar? It should to most that watched Dennis Collins collection go across the block at Barrett Jackson. Well guess who has it on...
  16. Canuck121

    CAUTION - Non Mustang Content 😌

    This came up on one of my feeds this morning. Thought I would share since this was a cool car back in the day. Still is really and this one is brand new!! Don't think I'd fork out that kinda money for it 😄...
  17. Canuck121

    Calais, Parts in General, Where do you buy??

    Figured I would start up a thread to see how many actually go down to C&E to pick up parts? Perhaps we can even start up a train type system to make it easier to get parts to wherever they need to go if someone is willing? I travel to Moncton quite often and more than willing to take stuff...
  18. Canuck121

    Project?? What would you do??

    Was going through Kijiji and came across this. Possibilities are endless if you had the money to do something with it. Seems like a clean roller and I know the LX notch are pretty popular. Love to have it myself. Price too high?? Coyote?? Terminator engine?? Other?? What would you do...
  19. Canuck121

    94-04 FS: Centre Console/Lid for a 2000 Mustang Charcoal

    Just as the listing says. Perfect shape...just a few little blemishes but hardly notice them. Bought it for my car but it's a slightly different shape and won't fit. If you are interested send me a message and I can fire off some pictures. All I need is $25 and it's yours :)
  20. Canuck121

    PEI Mustang Club

    They are looking to start up a Mustang Club in PEI. If anyone is interested they should check out the Facebook page. If you don't have Facebook just check in here and any updates will be put here. Cruise coming up in a couple of days....June 3rd at the Tim Hortons, St Peters road 6:30pm...