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  1. S197CS

    Randonnée d'automne 2021 Maritime Mustang

    Randonnée d’automne 2021 – 18 Septembre 2021 Bonjour à tous, La randonnée d’automne annuelle 2021 Maritime Mustang aura lieu au Nouveau-Brunswick, plus précisément dans le nord-est. Le point de départ sera Miramichi à 9 :00 AM, d’où nous entameront la randonnée en direction de Bathurst en...
  2. S197CS

    My Maintenance Wash Routine

    As some of you have requested, I figured I would do a write-up on the method I’ve been using to perform the maintenance wash on all my vehicles. Maintenance wash meaning this is the method that I use to wash my cars once a week (or more, depending how I feel) in the Spring to fall time as I do...
  3. S197CS

    05-14 SOLD!!!! - NEW Whiteline Suspension Adjustable panhard bar (05-14 mustang)

    For Sale, brand new, never opened Whiteline suspension KPR068 adjustable panhard bar. fits 05-14 mustangs. Same panhard bar I have just installed on my mustang while dropping it, allowing the rear end to be re-centered perfectly after the drop. Asking $180. Can have it with me @theNationals for...
  4. S197CS

    Vorshlag S197 and S550 brakes Tech Vlogs

    I thought i'd share some videos that I found to be really interesting from the folks at Vorshlag regarding the brake systems of S197 (2005-2014) and S550 (2015-present) mustang. they go through the different OE equipment options and their strengths and weaknesses. These guys are famous for their...
  5. S197CS

    Moncton Area - HWY15/Harrisville Boulevard - Dogbone interchange construction

    So this summer, major road construction will be undertaken on what is probably Moncton (Dieppe) busiest highway exit. HWY15/Harrisville BLVD off ramp/interchange will be upgraded to a dogbone style intersection. This being a major rework of this part of road, major traffic reroutes are coming...
  6. S197CS

    2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert

    Most of you accepted me for the last 4 years driving with you with my Focus ST. Finally had the opportunity to trade her in for a new to me Mustang. MINE! finally! :cool: Let's not keep it a secret for the time I was trying to ...:rofl Here I present to you my 2007 GT/CS Vert. Yep, another...