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  1. great white

    fox and mid 60 styling on same car?

    And...discuss. Gotta say, really like the rear look. But overall, not sure I"m feeling it.... :)
  2. great white

    74-78 Mustang II, project car wanted.

    Anyone have any leads on a 74-78 Mustang II? Looking for a Hatchback model. It's a project I woudl like to start, so it doesn't even have to be a runner. Doesn't matter what drivetrain it has (or if it has one at all) since I have plans that Ford never thought of when it was built. Can be...
  3. great white

    65-68 Mustang fastback, but want it completely rotted out!

    So, some of you may be familiar with my project 83 mustang; Cheap Thrills. I've reached a crossroads with it (can be running soon) and I find myself wanting to change directions. So, ambitious project time: I want to find a rotted out 65-67 Mustang fastback/2+2, strip the fox body work off my...
  4. great white

    New toy!

    1986 Argo Conquest:
  5. great white

    Some eclipse pics from today

    I'm a bit of an amateur astronomer so i set up my 10" dobsonian reflector today. I have a baader filter (high qual solar filter) so we watched the partial eclipse today. Sunspots were fairly ample and the viewing was good. I held my iphone up to the lens and took a few quick snaps. Please enjoy...
  6. great white

    Move adverts?

    Could we possibly move the advertisements from beside the posts to either at the top banner or a banner on the bottom? With them of to the side it makes the area left to read the posts very small, like 1/3 of the available screen. I'm not saying get rid of them (I know someone has to pay for...
  7. great white

    2015+ F-150 free "reprogramming" offer

    So, as some already know, I have a 2016 F-150. It had a few things it did as delivered that I didn't like, so I changed/disabled/enabled some options. Things like the "double honk" when you get out of the vehicle when it's running I turned off, things like "secure idle" I turned on. I've had...
  8. great white

    Enough of this bloody truck!

    I've got a 1998 GMC K2500 6.5 turbo diesel. Engine is 4 years old. I had it put in myself. It's a redesigned block, not a re-manufactured, Same engine they dropped in the Up-armored HMMWV. Everything else on the truck has been replaced at one time or another except the transmission. It's...
  9. great white

    Floor pan repair: What would you do?

    My car was left to sit in a friends field for a couple years. The drivers side inner cowl rotted out around the air horn, the carpet stayed wet and well....the drivers side floor pan is toast. Mice had gotten into it as well and made a home under the back seat. We all know that mice piss and...
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  11. great white

    It's Turkey day....

    And I just found out the wife has a gaggle of family and friends coming over that is going to fill the house. Let's just say I have a....."condition".....that makes being around large noisy crowds a tiny bit of an "issue" for me. More than 1-2 people at a time is a problem. The chaos of...
  12. great white

    Road clowns? They don't want to meet me..... Seriously? People wearing clown masks and jumping in front of cars? Do these people have any brains in their heads at all? Jump in front of a 3,000-8,000 lb chunk of steel moving at 30-50 kph? Did their parents live too close to the old...
  13. great white

    Does this car remind anyone else....

    of a teletubbie: or is is just me? :P
  14. great white

    Wanted: 8.8 axle housing

    Looking for ford 8.8 housing and carrier. can be complete or just a housing and carrier. 86-98 mustang unit. Fox or SN95 will work fine. Open or limited slip unimportant. Gear ratio unimportant. 99 and later are too wide in the housing tubes to work in my Fox. I'm running a 7.5 right now...
  15. great white

    1983 GL, project: Cheap Thrills

    Note: The first two dozen or so posts are pretty much cut and paste form my posts on another forum to catch up to as it sits today. I know project cheap thrills has probably been used many times before, but it just seems to work for me. I can be a cheap *astard, but I want it done right too...