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  1. Rich06

    Looking for 2005-2010 GT 5 speed Convertable

    Angie’s 1983 convertible is needing more work than I can do or that we’re willing to pay for. I’m looking for a similar vintage GT 5 speed convertible to my 06 GT convertible automatic so I can swap some of the performance part over and Angie can drive the white one
  2. Rich06

    Car Painting

    I'm looking for suggestions for a good place to get a little rust fixed and the car painted on Angies Foxbody
  3. Rich06

    Christmas lights

    This is our Christmas light display for this year.
  4. Rich06

    Rich’s Mini build

    The Cooper is back on the road finally. It now has a Cooper S 6 speed gear box and since the power steering, which is a weak point in that vintage, has had a bypass kit put in and the power steering bits have been removed. Thanks to Helimech’s brother for suppling the short throw shifter and...
  5. Rich06

    Headlight Restoration Kits

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good headlight restoration kit?
  6. Rich06

    Spotted in Elmsdale

    Not a Mustang or even a Ford but I still like the Nomad, the guy who owns this one is from Newfoundland and has had it for 35 years
  7. Rich06

    New Truck Wheels

    I switched to my summer tyres on the truck and decided to go with new rims. I'm pleased with the result
  8. Rich06

    Road Trip?

    Styx, Reo Speedwagon and Don Felder are playing in Bangor ME 20 August. I'm negoiating with Angie about going. More info
  9. Rich06

    Cannonball Run Founder Brock Yates

    Brock Yates has driven off into the sunset, I remember reading his stuff when I was a kid
  10. Rich06

    1986 Foxbody

    My beloved has for some reason decided that a 86 Foxbody convertible we saw on kijji is what she'd like to cruise in. I've being told that rust has killed quite a few of them and I should look carefully at it. So here's the question: Where should I look for terminal rust? Thanks
  11. Rich06

    Bra for 06 GT

    The hood on my Gt had corroded horribly and I haven't got round to ordering a new Cervini hood so I'm looking for a bra to at least make it look presentable. Thanks
  12. Rich06

    Brake pad decisions

    My 06 GT needs new brake shoes and rotors and I'd like a bit more stopping power. I've narrowed it down to 2 possibilities, the Hawk HPS 5.0 or the EBC Redstuff. Any thoughts on either? Thanks
  13. Rich06

    GMC Truck Air Intake

    The GMC's air filter was dirty so this: Became this Much simpler plumbing. I'm hopeing for some peformance gains as well, Angie made me buy this trailer and it's about as much as the truck wants to tow ​
  14. Rich06

    Cool Tool

    I so want one of these
  15. Rich06

    Rich's Mustany Dyno Run

    He's a video of my 06 on Pete's dyno last June.
  16. Rich06

    Rich's MINI build

    My 03 Cooper has had some minor mods so far, It has a K&N air filter and a MSD coil pack and wires I also upgraded the stereo to a Kenwood Excellon system One of the rear springs broke, so Im waiting semi-patiently for a Bilstien B12 suspension kit to arrive. I say semi patiently since the...