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  1. f3champ

    2021 Fall Run New Brunswick Miramichi/Acadian Peninsula/Bathurst

    I’m hey Albert we are leaving Borden at 10:00 am today
  2. f3champ

    Side shot Sunday

  3. f3champ

    2022 Calendar Photo contest.

    heres my 2011 gt widebody i just bought
  4. f3champ

    2022 Calendar Photo contest.

    Thanks I’m trying to find the right picture
  5. f3champ

    2022 Calendar Photo contest.

    I sold my car two weeks ago to my son and Finally took home the one I bought Monday night so I’m looking for the right picture
  6. f3champ

    Thought of the day.

    i just done a engine swap in my sons 99 gt i changed it my self so all it cost him was $600 for the motor if you need a motor crown vic has the same motor just need to switch a few parts
  7. f3champ

    94-04 99-04 4.6 motor

    Ya thanks I’ll try them
  8. f3champ

    94-04 99-04 4.6 motor

    Posting because he don’t want buy a new one looking for a good used one
  9. f3champ

    94-04 99-04 4.6 motor

    not have any luck
  10. f3champ

    94-04 99-04 4.6 motor

    Ok I’ll try them thanks
  11. f3champ

    94-04 99-04 4.6 motor

    My son is looking for a good 4.6 2v for his 99 GT anyone got one or know of one
  12. f3champ

    2021 Summer photo contest

  13. f3champ

    maritime time spring run july 24 th

    im in kensington i can meet you that morning in summerside if you would like
  14. f3champ

    2021 Spring Run Discussion and Signup Thread

    Shelley and Chris coming from PEI
  15. f3champ

    How Many Kilometers or Miles do You have on Your Mustang ?

    Bought the car last July first with 190,000 km put it away in October for the winter took it out three weeks ago
  16. f3champ

    Spring photo contest, 2021

  17. f3champ

    05-09 gauge cluster

    Got the guy in Moncton to fix my gauges if anyone needs there’s fix he’s the guy fast and cheap
  18. f3champ

    05-14 Strut tower brace

    Strut tower brace off a 2013 I bought it for my 05 gt but the 4.6 is a little higher then the 5.0 $75