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  1. f3champ

    94-04 99-04 4.6 motor

    My son is looking for a good 4.6 2v for his 99 GT anyone got one or know of one
  2. f3champ

    05-14 Strut tower brace

    Strut tower brace off a 2013 I bought it for my 05 gt but the 4.6 is a little higher then the 5.0 $75
  3. f3champ

    05-09 gauge cluster

    looking for a gauge cluster for a 05-09 not the premium gauge all gauges must work gas gauge quit working on mine tried fixing but no luck tried a friends gauge cluster out of there v6 and everything worked in my GT
  4. f3champ

    05-14 18” rims and tires

    18” deep dish bullet wheels with 235/45 tires in good condition $600