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  1. pei_guy

    Amusing roadside signs

    Does anyone take pics of those sarcastic or amusing roadside signs when out on runs? Post'em, if you do!
  2. pei_guy

    Fire it up!!

    Ok....everybody is thinking about Mustangs, fixing up Mustangs, ordering parts for Mustangs or just twitching to get their Mustang out of the stable. How about posting up your videos of cold starts, drive bys, revs and others. Burnouts and speed passes may not be legal, but won't be banned...
  3. pei_guy

    Mustang pic themes

    So, we're officially at the mid-winter mark. Either It's been a long one or you're surviving it, I guess. Always great to see pics of cars from the group. Sometimes a theme seems to get started with some cool shots getting posted up. Think there's been lighthouse shots and waterside shots...
  4. pei_guy

    Mustangs & Family...what's your story?

    We all talk about our Mustang family....whether it's here or with others who share the passion. Some are first generation Mustang enthusiasts and others have had the passion passed down from previous generations. Share your stories....would love to hear it!
  5. pei_guy

    Repaint vs wrap?

    So we all get to a point where road wear on paint starts to show the battle scars of a well enjoyed Mustang. At what point do you start making decisions on preserving your ride? Let it go and enjoy the memories of some great trips? Repaint? Wrap? My '13 is starting to show some wear that has...
  6. pei_guy

    The Mods I want for Christmas!

    By now, everyone is starting to pick off the gifts for loved ones, family and friends....but there's always that "mod I want for Christmas" that we all wish would end up under the tree or something we would pick up there was any money left after the presents are bought and wrapped. What's the...
  7. pei_guy

    2013 Deep Impact Blue GT Premium vert build

    Should have started this three years ago after purchasing the Mustang. Started with stock 6 speed GT Premium convertible with Track Pack in April 2016 as the second owner at 32,500 km. Purchased from Lexus of St. John. First mods in 2016 were: CDC light bar and wind screen JLT passenger side...
  8. pei_guy

    Anybody around for coffee in Enfield tomorrow (Sat) around 11:30?

    Making a run to Digby tomorrow, getting on the road by 8:30. Have a pick up & delivery for Gerry but should be to the Bigstop/Tim's around 11:30. Think Glenn is taking a break around that time. Anybody around?
  9. pei_guy

    Parts pickup Halifax area

    I picked up Helimech's Brembo kit and it doesn't appear I'll get over to pick them up before Bill heads away Aug 10th. Getting an itch to install them before the Fall run.... Anybody in the area able to grab them and hold til I can make arrangements to nab them? Appreciate the help!
  10. pei_guy

    Who's running 20's on their S 197?

    Giving some serious thought to upgrading to 20x9's and wondering what others are running for tire size? Leaning toward a square setup. Liking the Shelby CS40 wheels.
  11. pei_guy

    Spring Roadtrip??? Where would you go if you had the time & $$??

    I just got around to signing up with the Blue Mustang Registry (BMR 4195) last evening. Came across their big spring event, the 5th Annual Scenic Stampede, open to all Mustangs. Would be an awesome run and event to participate in. Almost a bucket list trip, by the looks of things. Anybody...
  12. pei_guy

    PEI Mustangs going to 1st Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Cruise Oxford, NS May 5th

    Anybody thinking about joining the MM spring cruise in Oxford, NS on May 5th? Starts in Oxford @ 11:00. NB cars meeting up with PEI cars at Aulac Big Stop at 10:30. Ch'town & East cars could meet at Cornwall Tim's @ 9:00 fueled up & coffee on board then head to Gateway Village to meet up with...
  13. pei_guy

    Batteries vs Pistons

    Not a sports topic!! Got into a discussion recently on electric cars vs internal combustion. Clean vs dirty fuel, $8 charge vs $50 fill up, torque, 0-60 times and the like. Don't know if we'll ever see Ford design an electric mustang but as a hobby car...there's no replacement for...
  14. pei_guy

    Other than your Mustang, what other memorable rides have taken?

    Most of us have had our cars put away for a few weeks now and are into builds or planning mods. What other rides are memorable for you from your past? Cars, boats, aircraft? Mine is a 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider. Get to take it out when I travel South. Add your pics if you have them. Let's see some...