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  1. 2001BlackGTvert

    Air conditioning question.

    Hey guys, so it has been hot and humid the last couple of days and we noticed something when out driving around with air conditioning on with the top up and down doesn’t matter. The box under the passenger side dash is sweating like crazy and dropping droplets of water on the floor. It is...
  2. 2001BlackGTvert

    Neighbours and the crazy things they do

    We were talking at work this week about neighbours and how some.of them can be difficult to get along with. Many people have had some run ins I am sure. Please share your story funny or not so we can have a chuckle or see how some people just go overboard. You can even share something you saw...
  3. 2001BlackGTvert

    94-04 03-04 Cobra Wheels 17"x9 with tires

    I have a set of used 03-04 Cobra Mustang chrome Wheels 17"x9" (Replica from American Muscle)The wheels themselves have no curb damage or visible chrome damage on the face. There is minimal chrome damage in the lug nut holes from impact wrench contact. It is not visible on the face of the wheel...
  4. 2001BlackGTvert

    Winter activities when your Mustang is tucked away

    Hey everyone, So what do you guys all do hobbies or activities in the winter months? We used to have 2 snowmobiles for the winter months however once the kids got into hardcore hockey and we got involved at the coaching and managers level we got out of the sport. Although we miss it we would...
  5. 2001BlackGTvert

    Mustang GTT-60

    What do you guys think of this new Mustang GTT-60?? Another teaser??It has some nice lines.
  6. 2001BlackGTvert

    Crazy Florida accident involving a GTR, Tesla and Mustang

    There was an accident yesterday in Florida where a GTR ran a red light doing upwards of 80 miles an hour. It split a Tesla x in 2 and also involved a Mustang. It is crazy that nobody died. Luckily there where no occupents in the rear of the Tesla. Check out this video of the crash scene out.
  7. 2001BlackGTvert

    Crazy Weather events in your area

    Well since many of us like to talk about the weather so much I figured why not have a thread for it. Please share your stories, photos and videos. It is a fitting time for it. As some of you have already seen, Newfoundland was put in a state of emergency yesterday. Crazy amounts of snow and...
  8. 2001BlackGTvert

    3rd Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Run Saturday May 9th 2020

    UPDATE APRIL 8TH Due to Covid 19 the run is cancelled at this time. We will look at something possibly later on the season if tome permits. **UPDATE FEB 21RST LUNCH DETAILS** Hey everyone, Since the last couple years have been a success we are once again going to have a tri province Spring...
  9. 2001BlackGTvert

    Maritime Mustang Year End/New Year Kick Off 2019-2020

    Maritime Mustang Year End/New Year Kick Off 2019-2020 Well fellow Mustang Enthusiasts, another year is coming to and end and 2020 is just around the corner. The Admin Staff of Maritime Mustang would like take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your help and contribution...
  10. 2001BlackGTvert

    Christmas 2019 Mustang and Car gifts

    Good Morning everyone, Never saw a thread for this yet this year. So what did you guys all get for Christmas Mustang or car related stuff? I received a nice personalized wall picture from my wife, new Prothane Bushings for my Eibach control arms (the bars were an early Christmas gift), a New...
  11. 2001BlackGTvert

    Website issues september 25 2019

    Hello everyone, as some of you have already noticed the website was down for a few hours this afternoon due to server issues. This being said Phil had to restore to the most recent backup from last evening. So anything posted today and since the last night is no longer there. Sorry for the...
  12. 2001BlackGTvert

    P0430 error code

    Hello everyone, So the last couple weeks I have been getting an error code on my mustang . P0430 is the code which is "Catalyst System Below Treshold (Bank2). I have researched it and bank 2 means the 02 after the cats are reading something is wrong. The problem is since I have been running the...
  13. 2001BlackGTvert

    Tire suggestions/Mod discussions

    Hey guys, so as some have you have seen I am looking at changing my wheels to a staggered setup. 17”x9” out front and 17”x10.5” out back. I am looking at running 275/40-17 out front and 315/35-17 out back. I am currently running Cooper Zeon RS3 A for the last few years and l really like them...
  14. 2001BlackGTvert

    Chrome Cobra wheels regular or deep dish?

    Hey everyone, So I am currently running 17"x9" 03 Cobra wheels on all 4 corners with 1" Spacers in the back. I would like to have 10.5" in the back so I have decided to go with cobras again. My dilemma is I have recently seen the deep dish and do not mind the look of them. What does everyone...
  15. 2001BlackGTvert

    2019 Atlantic Nationals Weekend Events July 5-7

    **UPDATED JUNE 21rst ADDED SATURDAY AFTERNOON CRUISE** Hello everyone, so as stated a few weeks ago we will not be having an official Corral at the Atlantic Nationals this year. Plenty of people will still be going to Centennial Park on Saturday and Sunday. Some will park as a group or just...
  16. 2001BlackGTvert

    Atlantic Nationals Friday July 5th supper and cruise

    *UPDATED DEPARTURE LOCATION AND RESTAURANT * Atlantic Nationals Friday July 5th supper and cruise The Atlantic Nationals are a little over a month away so it is time to start planning our Annual Friday night supper and cruise. I believe most that participated last year enjoyed Fred's...
  17. 2001BlackGTvert

    June 15th Car Show at The Faubourg du Mascaret In Moncton

    Anyone interested as previously mentioned there will be a car show for the Elderly people on Saturday June 15th at the Faubourg du Mascaret Home at 171 Morton Avenue in Moncton. The show runs from 9:00AM-2:00PM. Admission is free. Any make and model car is welcome. If your have some free time...
  18. 2001BlackGTvert

    2019 Atlantic Nationals Weekend July 5-7

    Hello everyone, as most of you know the Atlantic Nationals are the weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th. The last few years we have done a Friday Night Supper, had a Coral at the Park Saturday , Supper Saturday night and the Coral Sunday. As an Admin Group we have made the difficult decision this...
  19. 2001BlackGTvert

    Car show Etiquette!!

    With the weather the way it is this weekend it is hard to think of Car Show Season, however fingers crossed it will be here sooner than we think. This being said most of us like to attend car shows and have possibly been subject to some of the below car show étiquette issues. Please share your...
  20. 2001BlackGTvert

    2nd Annual Maritime Mustang Spring Run Saturday May 4th 2019

    Updated April 14 2019 SPRING RUN SATURDAY MAY 4th 2019 WEATHER PERMITTING watch for update Hey everyone, Due to the overwhelming success of our spring run we have to make a venu change for lunch on Saturday. Our group will be too big for Duncan's Pub. So we will be going to Teazers pub...