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  1. GRIFF

    Where Can I find the Daytime Running Light module on my 2002 GT?

    Lookin' for help finding my DRL module. Daytime running lights quit working last week. Checked the fuse and it is goo so I am assuming it is the relay module that gave up. After spending the afternoon on either on my back or under the hood looking for the DRL I had no luck finding it! :( I am...
  2. GRIFF

    What Late Model Shelby is the best to buy?

    I had a friend ask me for my thoughts on what year of Shelby he should consider buying. I have not investigated Shelbys so I am hoping others can provide me some feedback to share. Are there particular years to avoid or particular ones to look for? He is thinking a 2016 right now.
  3. GRIFF

    Feedback on Lowering 99-2004 Stang?

    I have pretty much decided to do a modest lowering of my '02 Mustang GT Convertible using Ford Performance-B lowering springs. I am not racing or tracking the car obviously so want better road handling in regular driving. I am just wondering if others who have lowered their 99-04 Mustangs can...
  4. GRIFF

    Holiday Gathering Jan 4 2020

    The following invite was posted on the PEI Mustang Facebook page: PEI Mustang Holiday Get-Together at the OLD TRIANGLE in Charlottetown for 5.00 p.m. on January 4th. Booking is under name Mustang Club PEI. Looking forward to the club get together! Still time to join in! If you have not done so...
  5. GRIFF

    Bump Steer Kit -- a Good Idea?

    I have heard people talking about having to add a bump-steer kit after lowering their Stang to get a handle on the steering. What I am wondering is if anyone has added a bump-steer kit to a Stang that has not been lowered and if it made any difference to the handling? My '02 GT Convertible tries...
  6. GRIFF

    Car Won't Start After Driving It!

    Boy this one had me going! I had been running around today killing time and doing some errands. Had driven around about an hour with 2 or 3 stops. Got the car home and stopped it in the driveway then tried to restart it 3 minutes cranked and mis-started and died. Then no matter how...
  7. GRIFF

    94-04 BBK Strut Tower Brace for 94/95 GT and Cobra Mustang - NEW $100

    GRIPP by BBK. Strut Tower Brace for 94/95 GT and Cobra Mustang. Powder Black. New with installation components. Over $200 new. Box was mislabeled for 96 to 04 GT but...Won't fit my '02 Stang. Letting it go for $100.
  8. GRIFF

    PEI Summer Cruises 2019

    A number of PEI folks mentioned it would be nice to get together several times this summer and do informal cruises. Great idea! Find, Like and Follow our PEI Mustang Facebook page: If you want a cruise post a date/place/ time to meet and others can join us!
  9. GRIFF

    Weekend Project - Running Horse Logo on Windscreen

    Well it wasn't a whole weekend..about three hours of work actually. I wanted to add the Running Horse logo to the windscreen on my convertible. I went to a local sign shop with an image for the logo and they cut me a template to my specifications on self-stick vinyl. I got 2 stencils made...
  10. GRIFF

    Installing BBk Strut Tower Brace on 2002 GT Convertible -- Help and Advice Please!

    Got a BBK front strut tower brace for '99 to '04 Mustang to put on my 2002 GT. I have had a preliminary look at the fitment and as the instructions say the '99 to '02 models do not have a mounting bracket at the firewall along the weld seam. As a result the instructions say to use the provided...
  11. GRIFF

    Strut Tower Brace - Worth it?

    Looking at strut tower braces and wondering what gains in handling one might realistically expect from adding one (2002 Mustang GT)? Any preferred or recommended brands or models?
  12. GRIFF

    Just Out of Storage Oil Change?

    Normally I do an oil change (regular oil) in the fall just before parking the Stang and then put new (synthetic oil) in the spring so i am ready for the season. Thinking is any potential condensation is dealt with. However last year I used synthetic oil (forgot to stipulate at the garage) in the...
  13. GRIFF

    Headlight Bulb for 2002 GT -- Suggestions

    The headlamps in my '02 seem to suck big time! Don't want to replace the lamps themselves so looking for suggestions about what Brand or type of 9007 headlamp bulb to buy. I want more light on the road at night but also want something that will last (understand higher output bulbs tend to die...
  14. GRIFF

    Cruise sunday June 25th!

    The weather looks like it has turned to the good! Mostly sunny for today! Wondering if anyone is up to cruise on the island today after lunch? Let's gather at Tim's on St Peters Rd in Charlottetown at 1.30. We will decide on where to cruise to once we are together. I will likely head out from...
  15. GRIFF

    Tire Cleaners and Shine? Recommendations?

    Okay....ran out of the Adams Polish tire cleaner/shine that I have been using for years. Can't get it on the Island so went to Cdn Tire to see what I could find. Well...found too much! So many brands and types to choose from so couldn't make up my mind! So I am throwing it out there....what do...
  16. GRIFF

    Island Cruises

    Want to go on a cruise. Posts dates and times here so other enthusiasts can join you.
  17. GRIFF

    Islanders --Share Your Ride!

    Lets get to know each other! Upload a picture or two of your car and add any details you wish to share about your ride!
  18. GRIFF

    About the PEI Group

    Welcome to a semi-private group for PEI Mustang enthusiasts to share topics, photos, and have discussions about our cars. The group is semi-private because any member of the larger Maritime Mustang forum can also read and respond to what we post. It is private in that only people who have...
  19. GRIFF

    Convertible boot/tonneau Canadian source?

    Been looking online for either a boot or soft tonneau cover for my 2002 convertible. All I have been able to find are US sources. They create added complication of UPS charges for brokerage of duties. Anyone know a Canadian source? As well....any recommended manufacturers....or those to avoid...
  20. GRIFF

    How many PEI members are out there? Please check in.

    I have been trying to figure out if there are many members here from PEI? Thought it would be good to know who so we can plan some on Island activities over the coming months. Please include: First Name Your Car Details Your Community