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    Wrecked Shelbys

    My Chevy friends posted this saying even the guy who hauls them can't drive. Sad
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    2020 Radical Speedsport April 17-19 2020 Moncton Coliseum

    Good to see this annual event kick start the season,even without your cars,that's what will keep this group together, I remember my Father took me to the first one,1975? I was so impressed,his friend had his car raised on blocks,and mirrors underneath,WOW! If you ever have an opportunity...
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    Memory lane pics

    looking through old pics and had to smile,good memories, Started looking for pics of my car and couldn't resist sharing others, water under the bridge foe Phil and Moose,wasn't funny at the time but distant memory now,hope they aren't insulted. They are likely on here somewhere anyway. The...
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    Rental cars

    I would probably be hesitant to buy one and this story supports why. My lovely wife rented this Durango this past summer,nice SUV gotta admit no idea price,never cared. So every car we have that she drives,her Cadillac,Enclave or Suburban has the radio volume behind the steering wheel,see...
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    Old bills

    Anyone know of someone who collects old money? The purple ones will be destroyed once they go to the bank,seems a shame. Happens once in awhile in my industry due to the generation I serve.
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    Fire destroys restaurant

    The restaurant we once all ate at on a cruise was destroyed last night,sad,some of you will recall it.
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    All cool cars go here it says

    So most of you may remember my Father in Law gave my wife a Mercedes a few years ago. I finally mead the effort and went to get it for her,not really a car I personally would order in 1969 but I understand the passion he had for it and will keep it preserved. Murphy's law,yep it's off...
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    Camaro stolen

    All rite,story time to show I love you guys and this forum. I gave my 2007 Mustang GT to our Son for his wedding gift in September this year,he always loved the car and wanted to buy it at one time,I couldn't charge him and figured this was the proper timing. I still store it and will always...